Onyx/Diamond players stuck in Silver division

Another What’s Up, and yet still no news on why the ranking system is so damn broken…

While a ton of Gears 4 Onyx/Diamond players are getting put in Silver, which is almost impossible to get out of…
I played almost an entire day yesterday trying to get to Gold, only to find out I got placed into Silver 3 instead. (was Silver 2)

We don’t want these lame Silver/Bronze weapon skins. We want the Onyx/Diamond ones we deserve!!

And why do you force people to keep grinding they’re rank instead of just using high watermark like in Gears 4?
The whole ranking system is broken anyway… :unamused:


so you were onyx/diamond in gears 4 , and want to carry that through to a new game without actually earning it in new game? how inconsiderate of TC to even dare do that


I doubt he’s saying that. He just means that obviously players don’t drop that much in skill level from Gears 4 to 5, so it should be simple enough for them to get at least gold. But for some reason, it’s too grindy to even get out of a bottom tier placement like silver.

Also, I haven’t experienced this, but I got out of silver on the first day it came out probably, so maybe it’s changed since then with more players or the ranking system maturing. Idk


Hasn’t the rank system always been broken?

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You seem to have actually no idea what you’re talking about…

I’m saying that people who do really well during they’re placement matches are getting put into Silver and are barely getting out of it, because it’s so damn hard to rank up (in Silver). I never once said I should be placed into Onyx/Diamond because I reached those ranks in Gears 4… (mostly Onyx 3 by the way)

At least in 4, I was getting placed in Gold when I lost a few of my placement matches. And only had to win a few matches to get to Onyx again. But now you can win 10 games in a row, and still aren’t getting out of Silver.

You can read all about it on the forums. I even went Diamond 2 during Tech Test…

My general feeling are:

  • Tech Test was too easy with placements (almost everybody on here reached Masters/Diamond)
  • Ranking system we have right now is too slow/unfair for better players.

TC needs to find a middle way to make it seem more stable like it was in Gears 4.


Kinda… I know lot’s of people (including myself) couldn’t get out of Onyx 3 into Diamond, because only a small amount of players where able to get into that. I only reached Diamond once, when I played with someone who wasn’t that great at playing Ranked getting paired against Bronze/Silver/Gold players during our placement matches.

When we finished all 5 of them I checked, and suddenly was ranked Diamond… (the other guy was placed into silver or so)

But overall, the general ranking was way more consistent then it is right now in Gears 5…

Pretty much the entire playerbase was placed in Silver 2/3 that’s why it’s so grindy (it’s super congested). The only 2 real grinds people have encountered is getting out of S3 and Onyx 3. Gold-onyx comparatively is as little as 4 games for some people. It will likely be different next season for placements since the system will have enough data/match history on each player.

New game starts everyone out on a level playing field rank wise is a good idea, but definitely makes it a tedious and bit frustrating grind.

In KOTH I’m stuck in silver 1 not because of any lack of kills. But I swear to F****** god this game is purposely giving me teammates who have terrible stats meanwhile the enemy team is made up of people with my skill or better. I got to silver in early access and it hasn’t moved since. I’m actually going down in rank because it’s bs pairing…


dude i get a level 1 on my team every game sometimes 2 and i get guests as teammates all the time. drop 70 elims every game and still top 3 percent of silver one. 7 games in a row now

Genuine question.

Why do you care what rank you are?

I suppose I can understand if you’re getting crushed every single game with the lowest points.

Or you’re dominating every game and getting bored.

But if you’re scoring around what your teammates are scoring then why do you care what rank you are?

IIRC the first season (season 0) in Gears 4 was the same way. It took a lot of playing to rank up.

Also @mike_yaworski you are just insanely good man

I Was Onyx 3 on gears 4. I still on silver cuz i haven’t played enough just keep going eventually you will climb up. The ranks works like this atm:

Bronze = less 23%
Silver = 70%
Gold = 3%
Onyx = 3%
Diamond = 1%
Master = 0.5%

So silver is the HARDEST RANK to climb up

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If those calculation are right. Thank you for posting it, because that is the clearest answer I ever seen so far.


If Gold truly does start at the top 7% of players, it explains why silver matchmaking (which I’m stuck in like many others) is such a cluster. Given the numbers you posted, you could have a players in the 23rd percentile and 70th percentile of skill both be lumped into the same tier. Why would anyone in their right mind think that this should be the case, or that these players should be matched together in ranked?


The ranks will be normal in a few weeks. They will not look like that anymore. ATM everyone is on bronze/silver because the placement matches were just “simbolic”

Still dont know how being diamond can be placed with people who confuse swarm & COG. And they dont explain anything… fine

Hey just finished a game on gears 5 my team won i was second place on my team 18 and 6 on team deathmatch it gave negative points towards my rank lol so yea a broken system


where there any quitters???

No both full teams and the game favored the other team as well to win

You’ll get there, just keep working at it. It’s going to be tough the first season, especially with Silver being the most congested rank. I got to Gold 2 in TDM and Gold 1 in KOTH yesterday, so it’s doable, but it took a LOT of high-performing games. It’s even harder because it’s obvious most of the Onyx Gears 4 players are in Silver 2/3 atm.

Anyway, if you’re Onyx/Diamond level, you will get there eventually. Just prioritize getting high scores above anything else, that seems to work best for gaining skill points.

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