Onxy Guard - Voice

Quick question is the Onyx guard skin suppose to have a different voice? Because for me it’s the same voice but just more muffled.

I don’t think so based off the name of the skins being the same as the cog soldiers, they are just promoted versions of those soldiers, I wish they would have either used the voices from G3 or the onyx guard voices in campaign though

Sad times… Was hoping we’d get Courtenay Taylor return as the Female Onyx Guard instead we get the obnoxious laugh…


I thought they were going to add a filter to the voice. I guess the filter is the muffled voice :frowning: that sucks oh well, at least we finally got Onyx!

But it’s not the Onyx Guards…

It’s like a cheap knockoff… :laughing:

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To be fair the onyx guard has some different catchphrases. I like this design way better than the original too.

I’ve said it before. You’re getting the Onyx Guard but you’re not getting the Onyx Guard. Some monkey paw sh**.