Only shotgun noobs complain about multiplayer

I really like the new multiplayer of gears 5. Finally people use other weapons as well. And now there is more team play involved and using tactics to win as a team. I notice that the majority of people who complain are those shotgun noobs from gears 4 who can only play as that type of style. If you want to play boring shotgun close combat battles go play gears 4. You can still do close combat in gears of 5 ofcourse. But you have to use your brain this time. Good work to the developers and keep making maps and continue to work on this game. It still has a lot of bugs and crashes. Apart from that, the multiplayer is going to the right direction.


You do not belong in gears of war’s MP, horde, beast, overrun, escape yes but the MP is not your place.

They have closed the gap on when weapons should be used which gears of war always was about.

We don’t need to go to previous games, YOU need to go to a MP game that fits your preference.


By team tactics you mean sitting behind cover camping with the OP lancer? Lmao you are the noob.


If you have a problem with someone camping then your really a noob. Gears 5 provides enough covers for you to get close to a camper. And calling a lancer op lol. You say it because you get owned all the time. You think you can rush with your shotgun like in gears 4 haha. That is the past. Now other weapons have their strength. It’s nice to see people using all kind of different weapons now.


Lancers being a big part of MP these days… I can tell you, no, you’re wrong. You’re supposed to use lancers to control lanes and move into power positions and hold down those spots. Constantly staying in the same cover, lancering everything you see isn’t a tactic. Doing damage with lancers is meant to keep the enemy in their place… not you sitting there mowing down enemies from across the map.


Every real gears of war fan knows the lancer is OP in gears 5 now and the only weapon that got improved is the lancer lmao…every other weapon is literally the same so idk why you keep saying “all weapons are useful now”…all the weapons have always been useful but this time around the lancer is too strong especially on king of the hill…you have no idea what you are talking about lol.


Yep… lancers that headshot. If that ain’t op, idk what is.


Is it just me or does it seem like new people are joining all the time just to make posts like this? I honestly am very suspicious that these are bait threads. Kids who like the Lancer camping that just want to attempt to get to people who don’t…


Lancer is not OP… Its looks a bit different (which is cool, shame they didn’t change the look of gnasher a bit too…), sounds stronger, but probably deal the same damage.
BTW I often read, or hear this ■■■■■■■■ like : lancer noob, gnasher noob, boomshot noob or whatever,haha this makes me laugh! There’s a weapon available? - so you can f***g use it! And if you can’t defend yourself against it?well,maybe you not that good as you think you are! Peace


Too many people that played other MP games that predominately play out with mid to semi close shootouts are trying to impose that scenario on a game that has flourished for being different.

The formula for gears has always been suppress with rifle, kill with gnasher, then wallbouncing and using the longshot. Changing that formula is not adding something fresh to gears of war its killing it.

I don’t consider arcade gears of war, its a clever spin off thats perfect for people who cannot play traditional MP. Ranked however should play and be tuned accordingly to feel like and cater to the formula previously mentioned.


isn’t it hilarious that the ppl asking for a more skill based game with less powerful weapons are being called noobs

haha u cant make this stuff up

the ppl loving these op weapon settings are the same ppl that got told get gud and never did :smile:


Nope. Wish I was good at a shotgun in previous games.

I much preferred Gears 4, because at least in 4, it took a bit of skill. Gears 5 and its incredible bullet magnetism makes anyone good at their accuracy.

The skill gap has drastically reduced in Gears 5, and when TC are putting focus in a competitive, E sports game, and make that type of bullet magnetism, which is only rewarding when you go in a 5 stack, it is confusing.


I don’t think it’s Op it’s the aim assist that needs to be nerfed.


Only real noobs says Shotgun


Damage boost, stopping power, slower movement and aim assist

i like the tactic of lancer firing and pushing forward or around opposition with a teammate who is gnasher ready, Makes the lancer relevant., and usually strong enough to down an idiot in the open. until they mess with it.
much more fun than the tactic of 4 players running in a line to sponge shots, first goes down, second gets a kill and revives the first. something I really hate in gears.

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Straw man much?

Oh god, you’ve invoked the “No true Gears fan” fallacy.


Currently the most common logical fallacy within the Gears community at the moment

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Yes, and that is a huge problem with today’s society. How can kids learn how to lose when they’re getting rewarded for just participating, or losing? They will expect to be spoon fed all their lives and when it comes to finding a job in the real world, they will fall under depression because they get rejected once in a while. So in a video game, when they get rewarded for doing nothing or having it come easy to them, they won’t know what its like to actually lose. I’m going off topic here, but this applies to sports too. Did you know a lot sport leagues took out playoffs and championships for U12 and under because “everyone is a winner”. That is ■■■■■■■■.