Only one wish for gears 5

Dear TC,
please separate matchmaking by pings if its possible. This would make Matches balanced and fair.

A lot harder when you can party up with anyone.

You would have to literally stop players from playing with people.

Although - if you are low and your friends are low, while the population is there, you can search for low ping players / matches.

Noy really, the algorithm will need only to use the highest ping of the partied member, but thats not going to fix the issue, the real issue appears to be caused by jitter.

Matchmaking should send a preflight request to the server the match will take place on and observe the user’s ping value for x amount of time in a stream and if the variance is higher than a configured value during this time respond with a NO.

Yes really,

Everyone low and one guy high isn’t going to work.

You effectively have to drop the high ping person.

So drop the high ping person or matchmake with others that also have high pings.

Looks like itll work the same way it currently works for that hypothetical, while those of use that play with low pings can only me matched with low pings, a net improvement for people with solid internet.

Take the average, but only as a starting point. If similar can’t be found, it expands. But if they fix it so that the higher/unstable connections don’t significantly affect the gameplay, who you get matched with won’t really matter (from a ping perspective).

But mah friends doe. Can’t drop friends.