Only one that doesnt have a problem?

Am i the only one that likes gears 5? Every gears that comes out ppl say its the worst one and say the previous was better. When gears 6 comes out ppl will say it bad and say gears 5 was good.


That’s how dumb most these people are, yes.

No, but you can’t post anything positive about it without getting trolled into oblivion so it’s just not worth it. Also, keep in mind that people are far more likely to go out of their way to complain about something than they are to do so with praise.

Honestly, it feels like every single release these days ends up going down this road. The reality is that if you’re a game developer, you need to have thick skin and accept the fact that you’re never going to satisfy everyone, Even if you think you have a supportive community, know that they will turn on you for any reason at any time and that inevitably a dedicated group of them will hate you and your work no matter what and turn said community into a toxic mess.


Yeah man, the Gear community is wack lately. Gears 5 had a super rocky launch, but it really is better now for the most part. The game itself is solid, but when the problems didn’t get “fixed” right away the community took every opportunity it had to tear down the devs. I’ll be the first to admit I was frustrated with the launch but I kept playing through it and the game really has improved lately. There’s too much toxicity in this community, hopefully we can change that but first impressions are everything and once people make up their minds, it’s game over.

You’re definitely not the only one. I really enjoy playing it myself, even though I don’t play it as much. I like what they tired/trying to do with the game. Did they overextend themselves, some? Yes, but I can tell what they were trying to do.

Yeah, just as dumb as your post.


" Only one that doesnt have a problem?" and “Am i the only one that likes gears 5?” are somewhat different…

There are plenty of people that don’t have a problem. Everyone that has never played G5. All those people who have freed up HD space by uninstalling it.

On a more serious note…Gears 5 actually is the worst Gears game, and by quite some margin.

I do hear you on the previous game nostalgia trip though. Gears 4 was the worst Gears when it came out, and remained poor throughout all the updates. It is better than 5, but hardly worth some of praise it has received since G5 launched.


Wouldn’t be such a problem if it wasn’t the 31st most played Xbox live title while also being readily available to play for everyone on gamepass for only a dollar or two.

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Na gears 5 is better then 4 i love it except the terrible rank system winning 5 games and barely moving up lose 1 and lose all progress from the 5 wins.Games better with the update to lancer and knife lunge

It’s an awesome game, people will always find something to bi##h and moan about, but their excuse is if we don’t the game won’t get better, I don’t care as long as I can play the game, I don’t get half the problems I see people complain about, some people take it to seriously, it’s a game, I play to have fun, not because I want to be the best and get ranked

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Actually…I don’t think they will. It’ll probably still be along the lines of “Gears 4 was better.”

If they learn anything from this game. Gears 6 will be very much like Gears 4 and the style of Gears of War games we’re actually used to. Forget the casuals, think about your fans.

…and less Delivery Drivers…

And no Terminators! :wink:

Re OP: everyone likes dofferent things, there are clearly people who would like this game, and there is NOTHING wrong with it.

The things which I hate about it are very subjective and personal, and mostly deal with what I fell in love with playing GoW4 Versus. It is not “right or wrong” to like/dislike something, it just means that’s what it for you.

I am one of the loudest & most persistent people screaming about the handful of changes which completely killed my enjoyment of ranked, and have nothing negative at all to say to someone who comes here and says “ok, but I like it: it works for me”…

In the end it will ccome down to numbers. Purely based on the recent change in tone and the sudden admissions of “maybe we did too much,” I suspect the numbers are indicating greater DISpleasure than oleasure with this game.

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I lost 1700 points in Escalation the other day and didn’t run to the forums or twitter and cry like many others do.

I think Gears 5 is a great game, i just feel it needs more customization and better matchmaking. But i know for a fact none of those things or going to happen :frowning:

Thats one of the most two faced posts ive read unless u really dont think the game is “great”. Good maybe…
Or i missed ur sarcasm in the text. If so, retract my stupidity.

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The Game itself has a lot going for it. I think Campaign was amazing! Horde and escape are both good, the game itself is pretty fun. The only thing thats lacking is versus and pvp. Once that clears up then Gears will be good again.

Good again? But i thought it was already great.

Not the only one. :slightly_smiling_face:

But it does get annoying when servers don’t work. Which is rare. And they last hours.

It is Great, but to make it the best possible Gears ever it needs to have a solid Versus

It’s disingenuous to say that Gears 5 doesn’t have major problems, but are they overblown? Yes. Is TC slow to fix them? Yes. Is the game still really good? Mostly yes.

There’s lots of work to be done and unfortunately, Gears 5 is incomplete as hell. Same with Gears 4 when it launched though. Remember when we didn’t even have map voting or lobbies in ranked? :joy:

There’s certainly lots to complain about. Even the devs have admitted it several times that the launch was bad. You can also see a little embarrassment in their responses. The game will get better soon (December 11 is likely going to be a massive kickoff), but it’s objectively not in a good state right now due to bugs and lack of content.