Only Gnasher + KOTH as Ranked mode | suggestions for the future

I felt that only gnasher koth being played on the quick play has brought some interesting stuff as for many players the main problem was, and still remain, the abuse of the lancer and lancer-like weapons on the map plus the heavy weapon and of course all other weapons are too much for this kind of game being played on multiplayer, not talking about the fact if you are on a ranked match against a 5 stack or less, they make this game unplayable with co-ordinated crossfire which makes other team quit as it can be very frustrating to deal with, Then there is a huge gap between PC and console players with some weapons (ie. Snub, longshot, lancers) where we can see a much more stable and precise aim from PC players and less for console players where they do not have even a large camera to show a wider spectrum of the surrounding area.

Playing on quick play only gnasher KOTH could be a serious option to being introduced in a ranked match where players can fight face2face, no camping, no abuse of other weapons, so IMHO, more fair match, and less quitting.
about this last thing, I would advise TC to introduce a rotation system which means if a team is playing a man down, let’s say 5v4 the other team will rotate 1 player on the bench and once someone is killed the other out join to replace the last, so it will be 4v4(+1) giving at least a chance to keep up with inferiority as in most of the case, people quitting for several reasons at the very beginning, and there are 2 rounds, 180 points.

Another thing I would point out is the melee attack +shooting, I’ve been in several situations where I was into, basically, I melee with the knife the opponent it gets disrupted for a blink but at the same time, it shots at me while he staggers and not even be in position for aiming.

Hope this few ideas for the future can be implemented and being inserted for future updates


Guys please share your ideas.

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I do love gnasher only KOTH but would be lying if I didn’t like picking up power weapons and grenades

this is literally the best solution to address quitters

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This is actually a good idea.

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It has been like 3 days, I’ve met, as foreseen already, 5-4 stack players that can only play in camping mode and just lancering not letting opponents move… I’d like to introduce a gnasher only ranked mode as this way to play is such a boring and time-wasting. @TC_Sera please read all

So I agree that there is certainly a charm to the simplicity of Gnashers only KOTH, however, I cannot see it ever being taken seriously as a ranked game mode.

One could argue that the power weapons in Gears are one its most unique and foundational elements. The idea of removing these because they are successful at killing people is kind of absurd. As a player, you are expected to be aware the location of these power weapons at all times… watching the spawn timer, using tac-com to see if and when the weapons have been picked up, and tracking the approximate location of these enemy as they move across the map… these are the behaviors that separate good players from average players. Simply removing them is not an acceptable solution.

Admittedly, five stacks will no doubt have a much easier time of controlling power weapons as their constant five channel communication will trump any team of randoms. This gets to the real issue at play… The population in Gears 5 is too low to truly match teams fairly. Ideally, it would have two playlists, one with a max party size of 2 and one with a max party size of 5, this would help to ensure that five stacks are mostly playing five stacks, and randoms are mostly playing randoms… this would be extremely easy to implement in other games, but in Gears… there’s just not enough of us.

As for the Lancer… it has been nerfed to borderline uselessness… A single person trying to attack a hill with a Lancer will be lucky to get a single down. This is where you tend to see the team fire come into play. In my opinion, by weakening the Lancer so much, TC has actually changed the meta of the KOTH mode. Some hills now require 2-3 players offering suppressive fire, while the others go in and clean up the mess. Games like Gears are a living and breathing ecosystem when it comes to gameplay meta and every action has a reaction.