Only gears 4 map brought back is

The only gears 4 map that should be brought back is diner. Otherwise new maps or remakes from gears 1-3.

Hey, welcome to 2021

Every Gears 4 map will be brought back at this rate.

Ready for Impact Dark and Glory next operation.

I hope this isn’t the case in the next game. Sometimes they need to let the maps have time to rest so we don’t get bored of them. Look at River for example? Last seen in Gears 2 and makes a come back in Gears 5. Fans love it because it’s a classic map and it hasn’t been in every game so people don’t get bored of it.

Having the same maps in every game can become stale, especially when people online keep voting for the same maps every game. I suppose it’s a little different for classic maps like River, Canals, Blood Drive etc because they are classic maps that made their debut between Gears 1 and Gears 2 so they instantly became fan favourites.

As for new maps, it’s cool to enter into a new Gears game and have fresh maps so it feels like a new game.

God I don’t want anymore past maps man please no

No one likes river it plays like ■■■■ on this game. People never vote for it thank god and for the most part no one asked for it.

It will always be a classic for me, but I know it can be a difficult map to play with the fast movement compared to Gears 2.