Only Esports items in Esports packs

(TheGearsProdigy) #21

Completely Agreed. If you were guaranteed ONLY Esports characters/skins and exactly ONE emblem, I would be more encouraged to buy them.

(J0SEPH Dark) #22

While it’s a pretty practical suggestion, it simply won’t happen. This would potentially mean less earnings from the Esports packs overall, as the player would have a higher chance of earning what they desire.
I’m surprised that we even got guaranteed character packs. With that in mind, we have even less of a chance of seeing Esports content-only gearpacks.

(II FORCE ll) #23

I’ll admit I’m part of the problem. I’ve spent a great amount of money on all the packs. More than I ever thought I would spend, more than I want to admit.

I like esports, and so I don’t mind spending all that money, but when I look back and think, did I spend all this money for skins? Incomplete skins at that. None of this will carry over to G5.

I hope they don’t implement that same scheme.

(Bleeding Pepper) #24

Hmm… I’m not convinced.

I get the impression that the demographic of the GOW playerbase falls broadly into the following groups:

  1. The majority, consiting of about 50-60% of all players, are casual fans. These are players who literally play the game for a short while and then drop it to play other things. I came up with the estimate of 50-60% based on the game’s achievements. Less than 29% of players have completed it, and less than 50% have even completed the 1st act; while less than 30% of players have even reached level 10 in Horde or PVP. This group of players will almost certainly not invest real money into Gear Packs or eSports. These players will almost certainly not even be playing the game anymore and haven’t done for a long time.

  2. Middling fans - these fans have invested a bit more time into the game, but chances are don’t play the game anymore, or not very much. Apparently only 6.14% of players have even re-upped, and this group of players won’t have done so. Again, they’re unlikely to have invested any real money into the game for extra content. They probably consist of a portion around 30% or so.

  3. Above average fans - this group probably consist of a very small minority of players - we’re talking well under 5% - probably somewhere in the region of 2-3% - these players have played it enough to have re-upped, cleared the campaign, played PVP and Horde a bit. Some will have drifted off since release to play new games. These players may have invested a relatively small amount of money on a few packs her and there, and possibly the season pass.

  4. Hardcore fans - this group must be well under 0.5% - these players are the ones who still play now, and play the game alot. These are the main target group for Gear Packs and eSports. On average while the numbers who actually pay real money for eSports packs will be very small, they tend to buy a disproportionately large number of packs. Within this group, there will also be a number who either don’t have the disposable income, or simply refuse to buy packs for real money out of principle.

So if you think about it, by creating a more generous system for eSports packs, you may lose out some money from the super hardcore group who spend disproportionate amounts of money on them, but you can potentially tap into say, group 3 as mentioned above, or certainly tap into group 4 much more - those who are massive fans but for various reasons do not buy the eSports packs. I doubt 1 and 2 are realistic target groups given they are so casual.

Anyway… thoughts? Feel free to chip in!

(DoveRainsBlood) #25

Nicely structured.

Even casual fans that play a new game every month love a bit of customisation. I believe that by having skin sets at 2-3 dollarpounds per set suddenly people across the demographic will be more inclined to make a purchase. Yes it will get less from the top bracket but more will come in from the many shorter term players who want to show off. Plus it would be more customer friendly, which is never a bad thing.

(BigStu4q) #27

I have not, nor will i, ever buy an esports pack. But i agree that anyone spending real money should get what they pay for, not some random skin that any other player could craft.

(III EnVii III) #28

Yeah, there should be NO FILLER in eSports Paid Packs.

I can understand in credit packs TC wants you to end up buying packs but for eSports - it’s not hard to give all eSports stuff in 5 slots for $10!

I’m not talking about making the other two lots a Bounty and Emblem Slot - these should be a “bonus” for either the first pack purchased or for every pack.

I mean come on, I’ll repeat, it’s $10 a pack!

(III EnVii III) #29

You are paying for the eSports Pack - not the eSports + Random Filler Pack.

When TC make those nice flashy Black Steel videos to advertise the packs - no mention of the filler content - just eSports Characters and Skins.

Then, you buy the pack and it comes with junk …