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Only Esports items in Esports packs

(Chickenroo1802) #1

I have bought these Esports packs expecting to get new and exciting iteams, but no half the time I get the Helmetless E-Day gear or any old craftable skin. I would love to see Esport exclusive packs, cause if we pay with real money we should get exclusive items not cards we can earn scrap for.

(Ektope) #2

Agreed, it should have been like this from the start.
I’m guessing it’s a marketing tactic to lower the odds of getting what you want = more bought.

(DoveRainsBlood) #3

The descriptions in the store are poor, but it’s all ‘chance of’

Until proper legislation covering games is in place then studios can manipulate these things to maximise what they get.



(KeeganBadger) #5

Agreed, if we’re paying only money for the packs at $10, they should only include E-Sports items. There are enough in each set to merit multiple packs anyway, so it’s not as if TC’s E-Sports well would run dry by any means.

(Fabio Iz B3AST) #6

Agreed. Only esports skins should be in the packs. I spent alot on this crates, but also requested funds alot of times. MS needs to be punished

(DevilDelights) #7

I agree, the esports packs are horrendously over priced. They at the very least should contain all exclusive cards.

(Doctor Nillo) #8

Im agry whit you. Is very sad see a weapons or emblems from the game.

(BraveHearts GG) #9

Unfortunately TC’s first crack at microtransactions was at the cost of us fans, and not just the obvious cost which is involved with selling items, but we were exposed to a terrible business model which is much more a gamble than a purchase in the end, they did improve on it with guaranteeing a character per pack but in Gears 5 it can’t happen again, I think TC is very well aware of this and hopefully in the next game packs for money will contain ONLY items from current series and no duplicates, either that or an option to buy directly what a customer wants, not this lottery type-deal we have in Gears 4.

(Bullitt 115) #10

Hopefully they learn from their past mistakes. I see WB has taken gold chest out of Shadow of Mordor

(mike yaworski) #11

Yeah I mean if they remove the extra two useless cards which are a regular item + bounty, then we would still get the same amount of eSports stuff, but just with less extra stuff. I guess the helmetless gear and escalation bounty are just extra scrap for you, but it feels like a slap in the face. I think they should make those two cards to be guaranteed eSports stuff

(Bleeding Pepper) #12

As much as I like to believe that TC will take this feedback on board, the cynic in me thinks that whatever system they use to roll out customisation skins and extra content will be as exploitative.

We’ve already seen TC refuse to adjust some of the older eSports packs to guarantee a character. Their reasoning was that it would be unfair to players who previously bought them under the old format. Basically the argument was “well we ripped those guys off, it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t rip you off too!” Basically they wanted a race to the bottom.

TC - by all means prove me wrong when the next game comes out. There are plenty of lessons to be learnt here if you’re willing.

(CMeairs) #13

I have to agree with the idea behind purchasing esports packs you are or should only get esports content. Nothing you can craft or get in game.

(KIRRO19) #14

Hello everyone,
I want to know if it’s there a chance of buying Esports Packs as a gift, or how can I do it. Thanks and have a great day.

(Chickenroo1802) #15

i dont believe you can but you can buy them on your friends account

(Ektope) #16

It doesn’t seem possible, to gift them through your own account.
Looking on Xbox Store, it seems you can buy the Gears of War 4 game as gift, but not the eSports Supporter 9 as gift though.

(KIRRO19) #17

Thanks Ektope and Chickenroo1802

(Chickenroo1802) #18

No problem, any time

(crazychainsaws8) #19

It would be understandable if the esports suppoters packs were 2-3 dollars. People wouldn’t complain about non esports skins in the packs. But hopefully in gears 5 this wouldn’t be an issue. :facepunch:t2::facepunch:t2:

(Chickenroo1802) #20

Thats another good point. they have the system to give out only set skins from one pack. thanks for posting man.