Only campaign fans are left, TC alienated everyone else ;-)

I forgot the infamous Snatcher glitch on Gears 4. That was my worst run (I was playing Inconceivable Ironman when I found the glitch)

Kind of agree.
Feels like they’ve stretched themselves too thin.

I don’t care for escape and I don’t think anyone asked for it.
Get rid and put the effort into horde.
Get rid of arcade modes and put the time into the normal versus modes.

I don’t like team death match or free for all or most of the new respawn super quick modes. Not what I remember if the gears I love. So yeah. I agree.

Campaign is fine and another additional is good. I’d buy gears 6 for the campaign and to try horde but you’re right Gears 5 isn’t really making anyone happy.

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This game is flawless, there need to be no patches. Just keep it as it is

Another pointless, redundant thread that thinks it speaks for everyone, when it doesn’t.

These threads are just as bad as those who think the game is perfect.

Stop posting the same threads over and over. We get it. You don’t like Gears 5. Move on and play something else.

And please stop mentioning me in your OPs, I don’t want to be associated with this crap.


Sure, I misunderstood you… jumping into every thread with glowing supports for this game, I just assumed you wanted to be associated with discussions about the game’s response among its player base. Ok, I will make sure you a deal: I’ll stop mentioning your loyal support for all things G5 if you stop jumping into threads, offering your loyal support for G5… No?

Guess if you don’t want people commenting on your words and attitude don’t express them so freely in a public forum…

I have no issues with you saying I constantly complain about many aspects of G5. It’s true. But you have an issue with someone saying you constantly praise G5 (also true)… Hmm…


Eh, no. Say what you want and I’ll say what I want, but dont call me out in your OPs. I want nothing to do with them.

Weapons like Gnasher and Lancer need more ammo/bigger magazines again so that horde and Versus is not like being in a DAMN old school Biohazard game where ammo preservence is KEY!

New and MUCH better characters are DESPERATLY needed. Kantus is at least a really good choice

More maps for MP

Reduced store prizes which is actually kinda happening

More bug and ranked fixes and netcode improvements

And after that, a DAMN Single player DLC like Raam’s shadow quality wise!

The most important question now is, am I still allowed to tag you? :blush:

Yes, you are funny.

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I dunno. Played several games of koth last night. Gnasher seemed to work fine, and I generally had a good time.


Escape is ok but it’s nothing special. Even on the higher difficulty modes its repetitive and generic. The maps are not very creative either.

I’m aware you play or did play a lot of pvp like myself and I don’t really see how a pve mode as basic as this satisfies you so much.

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I agree…more tiles could help…though some maps feel the same corridor but reverse

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Again m8…everything seems beyond repair…perhaps some hope for the pvp peeps…but they ain’t listening rook🤔

It’s the first Gears game I play and I really like it,
add me to play!

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Make a list, find out who likes this game and who does not, then have a go at OP. I dare you…
And yes, the game is a mess, the OP was maybe 75% correct on everything.


Make a list? Haha, you realize there is a world that exists outside of this small forum.

That is the point.

I think you’d be surprised by the results. Not everyone who plays Gears 5 shares the same perspective as people here or on social media. We are the minority.

Surprisingly man only you man and @Mark36111 are the only ones happy with the game… I’ve seen a lot of people here and you are the only ones who do have joy towards the game.

I don’t see the minority any way around man .

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