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Only campaign fans are left, TC alienated everyone else ;-)


i made a comment on the Microsoft store last year and recently checked to see if my review was still there and yes it was, but nearly all other negative reviews have been removed. when i did my review, there was over 50+ bad reviews beating out any positive ones.

i checked the Microsoft store yesterday and there was only 7 negative reviews, why are they trying to hide true reviews about this bad game and only adding positive ones.

i am happy TC are making changes but i dont think Microsoft should lie to people who might be interested in playing this game by removing reviews that tells the experience users have had after buying and playing this game.

Not everyone hates it, I love horde and I’ve read other people’s comments who still like it too

I hope so. I am so tired about hearing about how it’s terrible that the iconic weapon of the series is actually viable, because they don’t know how to use anything except for the Gnasher.

Maybe I’m jaded because of how much more poorly Halo evolved under a successor studio. Honestly, it’s not as bad as people scream it is.

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You mean the chainsaw?

The one which doesn’t revup when you’re in cover… doesn’t revup when you ask for it to revup while doing anything else involving key input… Doesn’t revup when you’re in the middle of a reload (jams the gun)… Doesn’t revup when you … pretty much ask it to revup?

I used the chainsaw a lOT in GoW4, and it was a great and fun PvP weapon… They absolutely destroyed it in Gears 5, by linking it to RB and its reload logic…

Sure, under laboratory conditions, if you’re standing in the open, no one shooting at you, you’re not moving, you didn’t just stop moving/rolling, and you just, outside of a re-load, press and hold RB, sure, it WILL revup.

Using it in realistic conditions of combat? It’s a pale shadow is what it was in earlier titles… I know - because that was MY thing, using the chainsaw… I can’t comment on wall bouncing, I don’t do that, but I most certainly can comment on the impact their brilliant ideas had on chainsaw usage in the game. And I do believe the chainsaw lancer IS the iconic Gears of War weapon you’re referring to… Cosmetically, it’s still there, and on the surface it still works like before. Reality? It was destroyed, for PvP play.

of course, not EVERYONE hates it, there are people who like it, there are people who love it - no argument there… .
So what? it’s about what the overall impact is, not if select people (or even groups of people) love it.

I see plenty of old time Gears fan and streamers, content creators, really good players leaving the franchise because of how Gears 5 is. Virtually no one on my friends list (all people I met playing Gears and who were all, like me, looking forward to 5) is playing Gears 5 these days… Look on twitter, mostly people hate it. Look on the forums, mostly people hate it…

We’re supposed to ignore ALL OF that, including our OWN feelings, and just accept that it’s a great game because the (largely) silent majority supposedly loves it? Nahh…

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Are you one of them Die Hard Fans, and in return you tell me i am speaking in extremes, i do wonder, are you also speaking in extremes. Because the way i see it, you seem to be judging what you do not know about. I have offered no proof, and neither have you.
Also, you managed to get 2 likes, are these Die hard Fans too.
Well, all i can say is… “Yellow Snow”

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This… I even got a few work buddies into Gears 4 horde and KotH and they were hyped about Gears 5. None of them played it again after couple of weeks saying it’s not fun.

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Haha, ok

Yeah… It’s like they wanted to make sure they created a very DEEP experience (man, I can just TELL, watching dev streams, they want to say “DEEP” when talking about their changes, but so many people made fun of them for that word choice (myself included), they are forcing themselves to NOT say it… and it’s killing them, hahah) that they forgot to make it FUN for the masses…

yes, yes, individual people still can and DO have fun with it… yes… there are people who like it… yes…

but overall, looking at the general feedback, across multiple medium, come on… and a lot of people who are still playing (like myself and all the people I play with) play it, DESPITE NOT having fun with it, not because of having fun with it… And each evening we stop playing because we reach our limit of putting up with the BS, and not because we realize that it’s middle of the night, the time has flew by, and we’ll have to be getting up to go to work in few hours…

IMO there’s something good to be said about a game that people play despite not having any fun. I just can’t even fathom it. I wouldn’t touch a game with a 10 foot pole if I didn’t have fun playing it.:man_shrugging:

It’s hard to believe the only people playing are TC Shills and Gears Homers. You could try blaming Mexicans but idk how that would pan out.

I know, this issue has come up…

For me, it’s simple: playing Gears once a week, a Horde run, has become a tradition with university buddies, we’ve been doing it for years… It’s mostly the only way we keep in touch… So we play… THEY actually don’t really care about most of the reasons why so many of us hate the game, they aren’t very core/“deep” fans, haha, more like casuals… So I play with them, horde, once a week…

We also used to play Halo Firefight, but that was on the 360… but I saw recently, that the master chief collection has reach firefight, so I will try to get them to try that… (but no Lost Platoon map, darn, that was our favorite…).

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Gotcha. I play with my Dad so the fights usually aren’t too sweaty, but we still have to play pretty regularly to be competitive in Pvp. That’s kind of a fear, that if I don’t play it I’ll start to suck and my level of enjoyment would go down lol. I can’t grind hours of Ranked matches much anymore, so I find myself playing more Horde and campaign.

I’ve been addicted to horde ever since Gears 2 and this is the first Gears game I’m finding myself not excited to play after a few months. I don’t see myself coming back very often until they introduce a 20 or 25 wave mode and balance the characters a little. Low difficulties aren’t challenging or rewarding but hard difficulties feel like a grind and kind of pigeon hole you into a narrow meta of bleed damage and tri shots.

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You know damd ■■■■■■■ well how overhyped this game was from the reviews…

Thanks for the thoughtful post.

I’ve attempted to explain this here before, but the reviews in the calculated score appear to be only recent reviews, which is why the distribution of negative an positive reviews has shifted over time. There are, in total, 1,110 1-star reviews of Gears 5.

The real question is what reviews go into the score that is displayed on the game page (currently 4.7).

Same starting loadout for all characters…remove perks/ultimates/super powers…put all weapons new/old in fabricator…choice!!..then you can play "horde "…n not this halo/cod/terminator/fortnite nonsense…simple fun mode ruined with greed n general stupidity :roll_eyes:

Was not the intention to be honest, i was saying Die Hard Fans will play it because it is Gears, when and how, well, that is up to them. I am not a Die Hard Fan, there are parts of the game i hate, i dislike the way The Coalition have made the game, some parts are ok, good even, some are just, well, blah.
At the end of the day, people will play this game because it is Gears. I do.

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Serious question.

Have the campaign issues, that seemed to be prevalent at launch, been fixed yet?

I seem to recall reading there were issues with collectibles, Jack upgrades, progressing certain areas of the campaign? Probably others too?

So they didn’t “delete”/“remove” negative reviews… They are, somehow, disregarding and hiding them, in the section which is intended to provide overall review breakdowns to the readers?

Well, that’s definitely not TC doing it, that’s whoever runs the MS store websites… Totally scummy and disingenuous, for sure…


That’s the thing. We don’t know whether it’s meant to provide an “overall review breakdown,” a snapshot of recent sentiment, reviews for the current update, or what. I’m not going to immediately jump to the conclusion that whatever’s going on is “scummy,” but we’d need more information on how the review score is calculated before even starting that debate.

Whatever the case, people have run with the “MS deleted all the negative reviews” narrative even though it’s plainly false. It’s a classic example of something being repeated enough that it becomes accepted fact.

Good, now play more than 2 matches in a row you coward. You wont.

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