Only campaign fans are left, TC alienated everyone else ;-)

People who like Horde largely hate the Hero system, the unbalanced characters, and the energy/ammo starvation

People who like doing coop hate how all bots now just lancer with laser accuracy on all difficulty levels, making coop useless as a practise tool for trying to learn gnasher combat

Versus players, largely, hate (fill in the blank, lol: matchmaking, ranking, chainsaw controls, flashbangs, 6 rounds in gnasher, 30 rounds in lancer, blinding new damage omen, overactive aim assist, delays and cooldowns, etc)

And NOW the “pro community” largely hates the faster movement…

So who is left? Campaign fans… No one else…

Sure, “everyone likes different things” so there will be @Link23809 and @Mark36111 who will like aspects of these but lets get real, the overwhelming majority of comments and feedback is negative…

For the first time since I joined these forum I feel like it’s time to grab a box of popcorn and watch what happens next…

For the record, I like the faster movement :wink:

Give me the old chainsaw controls on B and I might turn into a fan, once the simpler omen drops :wink:


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Ohh, crap, I didn’t know THAT! Right, never mind, all good, TC, keep on course, great product, happy player base, all good!

Yeah, right…


Lmao, he probably has printed copies of those screenshots and sleeps while holding em at night.


What about Escape!? :thinking:

Just for note: Gears 5 all negative reviews deleted on xbox store


If you read through my posts in that thread and those here [Gears 5 has over 100 k active players?], you can see that I’ve already debunked the conspiracy theory that negative reviews have all been deleted.

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Hard data and straight facts are all I offer.

Movement feels slower than 4 to me.

But I like Escape up to Elite, then it’s pointless. Campaign was only good halfway through.

No. TC said THEY didnt do it. And then they said:

“Both sides have flagged this to the Store team to look into so we can find out the cause / reasoning behind it. Once we have any information, we’ll let you know what’s going on here.”

So, what’s going on? What other information they got/provided?

There WAS a huge drop in 1 and 2 star reviews, accompanied by an equally huge increase in 5 star reviews. Across multiple countries, about the same time. That’s a fact, I provided the before and after screenshots.

You statements that any claim of review manipulation was debunked sounds like proof by repeat assertion : say it often enough, must be true.

What further statements from TC, after the above one, were issues, re this?

Re Escape: fair enough, new mode, I don’t think tgere is much/any hate sent its way :wink:

Ok, so campaign & Escape :wink:


Oh boy, don’t get into that one with @Mark36111. Right after recovering from his seizures for having read what you’ve posted, he’ll come back and regurgitate all the nonsense he has since that other thread about the subject popped up.


You forgot to list me you jack â– â– â–  :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: escape is amazing!

Didn’t read the thread on the link but I gave a 1 star review on late september and on november I was asked to review the game?

Since I couldn’t find my old review anywhere and the average score went from 2.X to 4.X it is clear for me that microsoft deleted bad reviews.

Is it so hard to believe that microsoft modified data on the microsoft store of a poorly reviewed game that happens to belong to microsoft?


You do know that MS removed every « bad » review!?
And people are giving 5 stars review with negative text because they dont want there review to be deleted again.

Edit; I like escape and I liked Horde since Gears 2, but now isn’t funny anymore.

I started playing Gears 1 only because of campaign, after that I played MP for the achievements. I love Gears campaign, but this is the most glitched campaign that I ever played on every Gears (I play the campaign like 3 or 5 times: Alone, alone on the most difficult, co-op and 1 run in english and for the achievements that I didn’t get).

I’m in my 4th run on Gears 5, but every run I found problems with checkpoints and the only solution was reload checkpoint. Doing some checkpoints on Insane was a real pain, and you needed to do it again because of some stupid glitch…

Sad that always TC “fix” (or broke) Versus MP, campaign has a lot of glitches but because you don’t buy skins or characters for campaign, this will take forever to fix (if they do it).

Maybe is a blessing on disguise, campaign is glitched and if TC fix it, it would be worse

the fact that MS are covering up instore reviews by deleting them says it all really. @foosniper


They can hide what they like m8…wouldn’t it be great if someone stepped forward…and admitted what a mess they’ve made🙄


Node did say he wished they had launched stronger…so that is as close as you are going to get. The game can be saved. Gnasher hit registration and Movement can be changed. Horde cant be fixed…Hero system too deep rooted…too many cards and indivdual Hero\classes.

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But, but, I’m not a campaign fan! What category do I fall into?