Only 7 maps at release?

So they released a trailer of new maps and said there will be 11 maps total. That’s standard, as the last few games have released with 11 or 12. Except Judgment which I think I remember being FOUR but…I digress. So anyway, 11 is fine, except they clarify further that there are 7 “arena style” multiplayer maps and 4 hive/escape maps. Seven maps feels…i think “rip off” is too strong but I was expecting more. Unless we are going to be playing TDM/KoTH/etc on hive maps? Do we have any info on the pace of post-launch map releases? Like if there are only 7 maps at release but we get two every month like in GoW4 then this isn’t really that big a deal.

Here’s the trailer if you’re interested. FWIW the maps do look good, looking forward to Asylum, though I didn’t enjoy Training Grounds during the tech test, but that’s fine, I don’t expect to like every single map.

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