Only 4 Playlists

We only need 4 Playlists:

  1. Respawn: TDM, Free4all,…
  2. No-Respawn: Execution, Warzone,…
  3. Ring-capture:Koth, Escalation,…
  4. Ranked: i don’t care

TC please stop mixing different Playlists!
What do you think?

Ranked Needs:


Escalation will never be dropped due to eSports, idc what happens to this mode.

Social is everything else but needs to be consolidated.

Classic should have every mode to choose from except KOTH or else duplicating.

Arcade isn’t Gears. Could be without.

So I choose Social and play with everyone,

Or ranked with those modes.

Population stays tightly together,

Best way to be.

Right now, too many choices.

You are right about, that there are too many choices right now.
Gears 5 has a small community.

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Too much choice with lower Playerbase means a couple mins of searching and people just go ply something else …

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