Only 2 maps left guys what u want?

Operation 8 drop 1 and 2 is all that’s left for maps. So we get 2 more maps. I’m hoping for 1 more new one preferably in niles lab from campaign. And a remake of either jacinto or mansion. What last 2 maps are you hoping for?


Are we guaranteed to have two maps in the next one? Did they say as much?

Keeping my expectations realistic, I vote for Old Town as the old map and anything that isn’t a post-apocalyptic hellscape for the new one. I like visual variation.

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Pavilion and a new g5 map.

Does anyone know if Mercy is getting a scenery change? Or is it just like foundation and going to be the exact same.

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Old town, dawn, diner, or glory as a ported map (preferably a gears 4 map tc made map)

And a new map would be good.

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Old town? Whaaat? I can’t think of any other map I’d rather not see. TERRIBLE map choice. Gross, get that garbage outta here.

There’s gonna be Fallout…

I like old town personally :sunglasses: a better choice then mercy.

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If they stick to just ports they can definitely have more than 2, but I suppose they’ll just stick to this formula and we’ll get 1 new (or a remake) and 1 Gears 4 port. I do think there is a high chance we’ll get like 3 or 4 maps though, just because TC are wrapping up and I do believe it is likely they have certain unfinished maps lying around.

Ports I want:

Raven Down
Maybe an actually good looking Rustlung

Remakes I want:

Depths (this is probably wayyy beyond TC’s level though honestly, no offense)
Heck a surprise like Mausoleum or Sanctuary would be neat.

As for new maps I really don’t care, unless TC something actually DIFFERENT then there is no point in my opinion. They are kinda dull when it comes to map design I feel, not to say that Epic had the most interesting or innovative maps in shooter history but the days of them making experimental maps is over.

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Fuel Depot. That is all.


Dawn and Garden


Lol Garden. The days where I would race through the poison gas right out of spawn. Good times.


Day One,That is all I ask for


I’ve been asking for this map for the longest time! Jacinto, Pavillion, Garden, Mansion, Courtyard, or Relic would all make me happy tbh!


Depths and Tyro Station



But that’s probably never happening, so Jacinto’s a good pick for me too. Really as far as ports/remakes that were in Gears 4 I’m fine with anything that isn’t Rustlung, Drydock or The Slab.


A copy and paste of Harbor Haze and Windflare Reclaimed


Jacinto (Gears of War 2) and Diner, I really enjoy both those maps.


War Machine

Fuel Depot


the last two new maps have been ok but I still prefer the classics I listed here. I’d take those ports over two new maps.

that being said, I suspect the final remaining maps are already done or decided upon.

From gow4 port security, mercy

Overall pavilion, ruins.

Well do I have a treat for you, we are getting mercy.

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