Only 10% for tier 2 onxy

OK, I just barley won a match 5 minutes ago. I got MVP on my team and beat a Diamond tier 5 rank on the other team. You are telling me, that I only got a 10% boost from that win? I looked at my stats at like 60%. just finished my match. Refreshed the page and looked at my stats and it just went up 10%. How come when beating a Onyx player as a gold tier, you jump to like either 100% or like 30% something like that. I don’t get it. I just feel bummed out a bit especial getting MVP two wins in a row and beating a tier 5 Diamond player, and my boost went up by 10%. Please explain this to me. I am a Onyx tier 2 and was hopping to see at least 100% or at lest 80%. Oh well, if that is how it is, then more grinding. :frowning:

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