Online stat tracking

I used to thoroughly enjoy looking at my ribbons and stats in the old gears games.

Gears 5 stats are just kind of basic. Why is everything per minute?
With the introduction of eliminations in the game, why can I not see my total kills/deaths? I guess just my k/d with no numbers to back it seemed a little unjust to me.

In the overview, everything is an average. (score, points etc.) In older gears, I used to be able to track kills/headshots on every gun.

I see a lot of people posting about the ranking system and all the other issues with the game. Just wanted to shine a light on this topic a little bit as there is almost no point in logging on to see your stats.


its almost no point in playing this Gears 5 at all man . Just imagine I’m thinking of playing Spyro The Dragon … much worst couldn’t be.

The per minute stats are garbage. I have like 10 people on my friends list with exactly 1.19 eliminations per minute on tdm-highly unlikely all 10 would be exactly the same.I also have a gears noob friend(lol) who played 1 game of tdm with us and finished 1 for 4 and hasn’t played a ranked game since but somehow the leaderboards say he averages 60 eliminations per minute

i dont care about stats but i just wish we could see our ribbons like in 3 and 4.

I like to see which ribbons i get per game as that is all i care about. I don’t care about a general stat line or all-time stats or whatever.

Show me more than just mvp and show it quickly like before. did i get smooth operator? tough guy? team player?

Yea they should show all stats like gears 4 i agree.

The stats are extremely lackluster in this game. They have only SIX statistics on the website… lmao

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The stats pages definately took a step back from gears 4. Especially the horde stats

Still showing the wrong stats on my Xbox.
Seems that I’m not moving in KOTH :smiley:
0% Uptime XD
Are your stats showing correctly?