Online services

yes me and my entire team are still having issues in florida and new york and connecticut, and south carolina

I mean I got into a match (took me like 5 mins) but it’s suppose to be like double xp right? Well this match I only got like 500 xp and 0 credits…

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Nope, struggling to locate a match, and when it does 9 out of 10 join, so it backs out back to lobby,

Then when it finds a match, it’s literally throwing anyone together with no rhyme or reason WHERE they are from.

Ping rates from 24 up to 580 in a single match.

TC seriously needs to publicly address the ping andnlag situation that’s been ongoing since before this server issue

And to state a 250ms is ok and runs fine is absurd.


Still on…

Just trying to log in now, 20:50 in UK.

It’s not related, stop brownosing every topic.
There are issues for at least 2 weeks, with Gears servers!


I’m unable to play right now. Keeps saying it can’t connect to their servers. Wtf

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That precisely is lag generator and the main cause of quitting, bad lobbies and suspensions… Even that 250 filter is not working always, with parties especially and wifi players.

I can’t connect, seems like silent update went wrong. Oopps no RNG cash tonight, ATM OUT OF ORDER

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Having issues in NA as well. I’ve been having issues since last week. It isn’t on our end. It’s a server issue

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There have been issues with connectivity since last week and no, they are not resolved.

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Still got stuck on connecting to gears servers…

Yep. Kicking me out and then giving a ban. Classic.

Keep getting lobby dissolved due player quitting. Booted back to the main screen with a 15 min ban. Was trying to play core King of the Hill. What is going on?!

I’m down too.

cant connect nevada us. never had an issue since launch.other games working not yours.

Yeah still can’t connect.

20 mins wait to connect. I did two hard formatts on this console . And a fresh install played 2 matches then boom server drops ya to the trash on monday morning pick up.

Im still having issues with connection

I have been trying to connect for the past 2 hrs.
I get dropped and disconnected from online ever few minutes or so.