Online services

Awesome :smiley:

Same with me right now.

Hardwired, open NAT, fresh xb1x hard reboot, and router reboot…

I’m in Vancouver

I also got KinnerLake,

For mi is the same, the services are down

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Most likely caused by the current issue with certain services,

Please visit this page for further updates, (manually select your locale at the bottom left screen);

I’m back online but it’s struggling to find a lobby so I think Gears is beinfg impacted by the wider Xbox issue. Hopefully MS will sort that out quickly.


You could make it up. Finally found a lobby and then got kicked as the match started. Was then offered to rejoin the match, which I did, then got kicked again as I’m suspended for 15mins :grimacing:

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Hi all,

We are aware that there were some issues this morning with multiplayer connectivity which have been resolved now. Are you still having difficulty to connect? Thank you.

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yes me and my entire team are still having issues in florida and new york and connecticut, and south carolina

I mean I got into a match (took me like 5 mins) but it’s suppose to be like double xp right? Well this match I only got like 500 xp and 0 credits…

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Nope, struggling to locate a match, and when it does 9 out of 10 join, so it backs out back to lobby,

Then when it finds a match, it’s literally throwing anyone together with no rhyme or reason WHERE they are from.

Ping rates from 24 up to 580 in a single match.

TC seriously needs to publicly address the ping andnlag situation that’s been ongoing since before this server issue

And to state a 250ms is ok and runs fine is absurd.


Still on…

Just trying to log in now, 20:50 in UK.

It’s not related, stop brownosing every topic.
There are issues for at least 2 weeks, with Gears servers!


I’m unable to play right now. Keeps saying it can’t connect to their servers. Wtf

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That precisely is lag generator and the main cause of quitting, bad lobbies and suspensions… Even that 250 filter is not working always, with parties especially and wifi players.

I can’t connect, seems like silent update went wrong. Oopps no RNG cash tonight, ATM OUT OF ORDER

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Having issues in NA as well. I’ve been having issues since last week. It isn’t on our end. It’s a server issue

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There have been issues with connectivity since last week and no, they are not resolved.

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Still got stuck on connecting to gears servers…

Yep. Kicking me out and then giving a ban. Classic.

Keep getting lobby dissolved due player quitting. Booted back to the main screen with a 15 min ban. Was trying to play core King of the Hill. What is going on?!