Online services

Online services appear down for me, anyone else struggling to connect?

Getting error KINNERLAKE

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Thanks but no luck. I can get into Xbox Live and access the Xbox store, I can also access customisations in Gears but I can’t connect to online services still.

Gears store is also available

Have you tried a reset of your router?

Yes, still no luck. Only affecting Gears which is strange. Now it simply says Connecting in the upper right hand of the screen

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Excellent. Seems Gears is broken. What region?

United Kingdom :+1:

Yes, indeed broken, (Norway), Seems to be down. I’ll tweet out to the wonderful folks at TC.

Seems to be working now. Please try again.

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Coolio, cheers for the help

Still down for me

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The same for me, Spain

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Seems to be a world-wide issue with Xbox One Live connections, checked US,UK;

Doubt this is just for one game, so expect more games to be affected.

I’m back in :+1:

Nice :grinning:

Im back too

Awesome :smiley:

Same with me right now.

Hardwired, open NAT, fresh xb1x hard reboot, and router reboot…

I’m in Vancouver

I also got KinnerLake,

For mi is the same, the services are down

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Most likely caused by the current issue with certain services,

Please visit this page for further updates, (manually select your locale at the bottom left screen);

I’m back online but it’s struggling to find a lobby so I think Gears is beinfg impacted by the wider Xbox issue. Hopefully MS will sort that out quickly.


You could make it up. Finally found a lobby and then got kicked as the match started. Was then offered to rejoin the match, which I did, then got kicked again as I’m suspended for 15mins :grimacing:

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Hi all,

We are aware that there were some issues this morning with multiplayer connectivity which have been resolved now. Are you still having difficulty to connect? Thank you.

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