Online play terrible performance

Hey so Coalition can you please fix your disgusting servers ? And also fix your ranking system as I’m tired of coming in first on my team and while they all seem relatively new to the game costing me to lose every time not sure what you guys are doing but it’s a terrible job. And just bought the PS4 and really coming on less and less because your games Performance quality is so bad.


We’re all waiting. It seems TC just doesn’t care enough about the community to fix the issues. It’s gotten really sad with no response of doing anything about this issue. Only thing TC will respond is that they can assure us everything is working as intended. But game is getting worse!!! We know, you’re not alone

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LOL, TC I went from 87.1% L to 78.81% W to 78.81% to L 78.81% to W 78.56% (wtf) to L 78.56% to L 78.34 % to76.74% to WX3 Still 76.74%. WHAT?? 6-4 and loss of 10% and every loss was the result of at least 1 quitter sometimes 3 and almost every match was a Lagfest. What’s going on, please tell me that this is not going to be the new normal. Please fix this, I know 6-4 isn’t great but every loss was due to a quitter and the matches have been terrible all day and the 3 matches that I “suffered” through last night. I think I would see less sponges in the cleaning section of the store, so please play your game online and fix it.



So freakin true!

This game is pure garbage . I’ve played every gears except judgment and they still haven’t fixed it. In fact some how they managed to make it worse! Also why is it every game I enter all the kids have a ping upwards of 200+? I’ll be playing gears 5 and all other gears games on game pass. You guys lost a long time gears fan. Never supporting this franchise again.

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Don’t worry they’ll make another esport pack and say “see where doing something”.



Here you go’

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That’ s just a magnet shot combined with up A . :yum:


Lol, with some insane sonic the hedgehog speed! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

For some time, I’m having these doubts: Updates and SILENT server updates are distributed recycled!

Some weeks you have just bad matchmaking, then you got all low pings in the lobby but a massive input controls lag… The most obvious is when you logoff from Xbox Live while being on home screen in the game. Sometimes (with some recycled updates) it is possible to reconnect to datacenter and use the game normally, but sometimes it always offline, game needs full restart.

It’s same with all issues here, while some get patched in some way while pushing the patched version on server it brings some OLD ISSUES back that has been already fixed in previously recycled update. And the worst part here is - you cannot control the push of the updates. No way to stay with some version that works, it’s getting pushed and messed in background, on Gears server side and monthly. So after so many updates, there’s friggin’ a MESS…

Played last night with buddies a full team of 5, we tried EXE, TDM, KOTH… and EVERYBODY experienced delay (not lag, we and other team were in very solid pings if they are not fake 5-10 to 45-50 EVERYBODY), and it was awful. You know like “Pressing (A) but nothing happens instantly but a little bit later”, same with wall slides, running, shooting… Getting shot behind the wall was norm. It was like ANIMATION IS LATE 1/3 sec (300ms)!! That’s NOT LAG with 5-50 lobby players in!!! Also, check the flame nades… when thrown on floor or wall and running close to them, easily THIS $100mil FAILURE is losing frames.

It’s no friggin’ 60fps perfomance!!!
Rather like variable 20-50… disgusting!


I usually quip “more sponge than a cake store” or “more sponge than your mom’s birth control” (that one might take older players to get!)

Yeah that is Commons straight WTF! I also love how I get Gib when the dial up connectors have there back toward me

Magnet shot? Lol yall make me laugh :unamused:

Thank you!! I thought i was the only one! The input lag is just disgraceful I want to love this game so bad but its just not worth playing when all of these problems are still occurring after almost 2 years of updating and obviously learned nothing from Epic. Man I hope gears 5 fixes these problems lag, gnasher, delays and all.

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This is gold.

Lag, sponging, etc definitely take place in the matches where ping seems normal. I’ve noticed it so many times

Is Escalation supposed to play like you are stuck in sludge? I just played a match where even sliding into cover took work. Of course the enemy team was bouncing around at light speed with no effort. (dont forget the obligatory quitters)

Man ■■■■ this game every day that goes by. For some one with a 15-30 ping, sure as ■■■■ don’t feel like it. Way to let your fan base in Mexico have an advantage. Playing with south of the border players and they are all 90-200 ping with occasional spikes to 1000 ping. I am definitely not buying 5.

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It’s massively annoying that when I get around several of them at once the server seems to freak out. I get micro lags/studders. It’s like frames of animations just disappear as they jitter around and I sometimes just don’t get response to my button input. It’s entirely a connection based thing too because this only happens in some lobbies.

I watch the pings when the game starts (particularly while the count-down is going and everyone is jerking their smokes) and if someone’s ping is jumping up and down, you can bet I’m pulling out the lancer. I’ve seen this game screw me too many times not to notice what happens when the pings are jumping.


it just lagged up before the match even started and i couldn’t even pick my character…