Online Escape Issues

Tried joining other players through custom settings just for it to say " not enough room for your party", while searching solo. After maybe 9 different trys, I decided I’d just make my own lobby. Even after creating my own lobby, issues still arose. None of my cards were enabling and after i ended the game cards were not coming up. Not sure why this is happening but it is deterring me from wanting to play this game any further. Can we expect any fixes on this in the very near future?


Having a similar issue with Horde. I’m trying to be a hero by playing Jack and joining mid game, but c’mon…

Server issues I believe. No idea on the time scale for the fix but shouldn’t be too long I hope.

I’d hope not, crazy how many “server issues” this game is having. Trying to not lose interest with this game but constant bugs are making it hard😩