Online Co-op of past titles please help

Recently me and my cousin played through the Gears 5 online co-op campaign on insane and decided we wanna go back and play all the titles in order of storyline (so starting with Judgment). When we went to go play Judgment we couldn’t invite each other but he could invite other people who he was friends with on 360. I didn’t get an Xbox One till very recently after being a PS4 gamer most of this Gen so I don’t have my old 360 info and just started from scratch. We just went to Gears ultimate then to do Gears 1 but now I wonder if the same will happen with 2 & 3 or if there is a way to fix this. Thank you if you read this and can provide help :smiley:

Side note Gear 5 online co-op campaign is busted and buggy. We soft locked the game twice due to poor game design