Ongoing woes....Gnasher refusing to fire

This has been an ongoing issue for me and lots of other people since 5 launched. The gnasher refusing to fire in a gunfight. Usually when an opponent is dead in front of me. Not anything weird like im so close the barrell is touching them. Just right in front. All I have to do is pull the trigger and their dead. I played 6 matches straight of gokoth and it must have happened at least 5 times tonight.
Ive cut this game a lot of slack. But consistency is important. Especially in a shooter. Nothing is more maddening than outplaying someone only to wind up gibbed bc the gun wouldn’t fire… this issue really needs to be fixed.
I play defaulternate. Ive heard that playing defaulternate, in certain situations the gun wont fire. Though i dont know what those are. And that doesnt even make sense. Why would assigning different inputs to different buttons make that happen. Every controller scheme is just telling what input goes with each button.
Anyone? Anyone else having this issue? Anyone playing default not have this issue? Thanks


whoa are you implying the Gnasher doesn’t work? impossible. I’ve never once heard that statement in my life.

The thing I get sometimes is that it reloads instead of fires when I could have sworn I pulled the trigger instead of pressing the bumper. It makes me doubt my sanity when it happens…maybe my finger just overlaps it, IDK…


Were you out of ammo?

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Generally when i have this issue, it is just the product of the enemy shooting first and getting to the server faster. The visual delay between you and your enemy is a lot in this game.


I’ve actually had this issue as well and with the lancer. I’m pressing, sometimes even holding down RT and the gun isn’t shooting. It usually lasts about 4-6 seconds which in a KotH game could decide winning or losing. It’s so strange, in no other Gears have I experienced the gun not shooting at all.

The fact that this post will not raise any eyebrows is a bigger concern. We’ve all become numb to the ridiculousness.


They need to tone down the delays after rolling, wall bounching, quick aiming it’s all bs unless they just want us to botwalk up to eachother with a gnasher that only works 2 feet in front of you.


The mechanics seem riddled with delays. Gears 1 didn’t have such delays for example. Lancer and gnasher fired immediately. Reaction shots worked. Gears 5 not do much. You may do better walking around like a bot and blind firing.

Definitely agree with the delays after a roll, absolute insta death

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It has happened to me before but very rarely so I can’t pinpoint what the issue is

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It happens when your facing each other. Then you shoot first nothing happens then you get GIBed. It like an animation stick. Like sticking to the wall.

Same thing happened when I’m trying to do movement.Like jumping over a wall. Or throwing a grenade. Nice Code TC!

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@Thief000 i almost included that in my post as well. I too get a reload out of nowhere when i wasnt needing to reload and I know for sure I didnt squeeze RB. It does make you question your sanity.
@FourKILLMASTER i wish they would do away with all the delays. Plus, i would like a controller scheme that lets me combine the emote wheel with tac-cons. You could make the emotes almost transparent or put them in corner. But doing this would free up the stick emote is on. That way you could put melee on the stick, and then separate roll all by itself and put it on B. Or vice versa. Either way, getting emote combined with tac-cons would give multiple options for binding roll all by itself. Ive died so many times accidentally rolling. Pc players get roll all by itself. No accidental rolling ever. But yeah, all the delays are obnoxious. All the casual players want a faster game. The 20 ,pro players all want slow and methodical. I wish they would do 2 settings. 1 for casuals, and 1 for pros and their lan tourneys. Problem is, the things pros like for their lan tourneys, don’t always work so well for players playing through online servers with 10 different ping speeds.

My favourite wind up is when you pop shot round a corner cover, only for your gun to not fire and then shoot away as you are pulling back into cover in the other direction.

Its as if the game was designed to screw you over with that move.


Its all for nothing if you have god connection 1 min then peasant the next.


No. The main problem is. The opposing team has ghost host.
Its real.
I played sunday and monday and i swear. I was playing god mode. My shots were clearly more powerful. My movement was faster. Less input lag.
It feels like i have a clear advantage.
The very next day. My shots werent firing, sticky walls. Even when i clearly shot them within gib range . The shot doesnt even register.
Its beyond blantant.

This is a serious problem tht Tc continues to not address and act like it doesnt exists.

Dont get me started how the walls and covers arnt covers and the animation’s dont match the movement.

This is a serious problem tht still wont be fixed but slowing this game down and adding delays will only make it worse. And it certainlly WONT FIX THE GAME.

if these issues were fixed. The game would be amazing.

Even when im playing as host. It doesnt feel tht great because i know. The opposing players are dealing with some serious bs.


@v_PeRK_v it really feels that way doesnt it. Its so strange how many times I can shoot first and hear my gun go off first yet I die…things just out of sync. Lots of people have sad their is still some type of host. And that its obvious when you have it. It definitely always feels like 1 team performs head and shoulders above the other one no matter how evenly matched players appear.

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Just chiming in to say this happens to me at least 3 times every hour (or every 2 koth matches). Sometimes more than that. Not sure what the cause is, but it’s been like that for months.

As Perk mentioned, there is some kind of advantage. I’d say only 1 out of every 10 or 15 matches my shots connect as they’re subbosed to. Everything dying in one shot.

I’ve noticed since the Dec update, point blank shots are doing 0% damage more often and i’m also getting hit through cover at impossible angles.


This was definitely a thing in gow4, pull the trigger, nothing happens, you release the trigger and pull again, and it works.

I’ve had it happen with multiple different weapons: gnasher, lancer, mulcher, torque, etc…

Glad to see it’s still a thing in the sequel…