One weapon skin to use forever

So I figured I’d ask because I want to see peoples responses.

You only can use one weapon skin for the rest of your time playing gears. What is it gonna be?

It can be from previous titles, it can also be loadout only (like the gears 5 flag sets), whatever really.

For me… I’d probably say the gears 3 infected omen. I’m a sucker for the gears 3 omen :sweat_smile:

Honorable mention is

Gears 4’s version of Pink Phantom

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Pink Phantom…

Black Steel Sam…



The concept? Fire.

But the result? Terrible. That’s Sandra, not Samantha.

Art Deco

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Gears 5’s version of Sam is way better but the Gears 3 Sam is my favorite.

3 and UE>>> best versions of Sam

UE Anya… um… idk what happened.

Gears 5 Anya is the best Anya. There I said it.

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The UE campaign Anya is the best Anya.

2nd place. :sunglasses: civie anya is garbage tho.

She looks like she hasnt seen the sun in three weeks.

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The shotgun skin I use in this video is the best skin in GoW history, and it doesn’t even have a proper name.

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Purple omen, super fire.

I dont think I’ve ever seen that skin before either.

Team Metal

Wow they really ruined that skin in 5. I like the blue phantom one but I’m missing a few of them.


Most maps the Pink looks good in 5 but sometimes it looks purple to me. Im also extremely colorblind so that may be a factor as well.

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This is all I want

It’s a good idea for a skin but the gears 4 bland skins were usually terrible. I’m a sucker for COG themed skins.

Also off topic but TC literally gave Anthony a longshot even though he never held one in his entire life.

He used a gnasher :sob: Ben’s the sniper.

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The Midnight Omen or the Onyx Gold skins from Gears 4. The Ceremonial skins were clean as well.

From Gears 5 I would take Art Deco or Arid Gale.