One thing TC and other deveolpers can learn from Crackdown 3

Listen Crackdown 3 is now where near as good as the first one. But 1 thing TC and other developers can learn from it is to have the campaign and multiplayer as separate downloads. Oh boy will this save a lot of time and space. I can’t tell you how many times I had to download Gears 4, whether it was because I got a new xbox or because my external hard drive crapped out but downloading 120+ gigs when you can’t download at your internets full potential is annoying

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Morning mate. Is it that big of a deal to download though ?
Only mentioning as I have had to download Gears 4 about 5/6 times due to mostly me removing from hard drive due to total frustration in my very poor skill level, only to install again the very next day…or hour :wink: yes I know it is pathetic.
It never takes that long to download, I do have the external 2G hardrive, so storage is never a problem.

Crackdown 2 is free to download over Live and is backpat.

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Ive had to download it about the same amount of times. It takes forever for me. Even most games over do. I dunno what it is. I have a 200/200mb plan and it doesnt take that long when i download things on my pc.

Are you wired ? If I ever do over wifi it does take 2,3 times longer.

Yup. I wouldnt even want to know what it would be like with wifi lol

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I tweeted this to Xbox as a request.

I have 400Mb and the Xbox Store Servers normally downloads at around 150-250Mb.

It just doesn’t make use or max out the connection.

Now, I at least asked for multiple downloads to saturate my connection as I could easily be downloading 2 games at once or maybe some apps and what not.

But yeah,

It ducks that the servers can’t even support full speed downloads and it’s an issue when downloading 135+ GB.

It is slightly better on the Microsoft Store on PC though.

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ya its a big deal.

on PC there is a lingering issue with account permissions that will no tallow Gears4 to be launched unless the user downloads the entire 133GB over again.

EDIT: also, this feature was already in games like Battlefield 3, Killzone and many other before Crackdown. been around for a decade now.

A possible work around is, if know anyone nearby with a physical copy, you can install off of disc; and only have to re-download the updates. (Though it may be a bit of a hassle).

Windows store downloads feel a bit slower than others.