One thing I’m sad about

Am I the only one who misses execution and misses when you could plant two frags? You guys remember when tac comms didn’t cheat by showing you enemy planted frags? I miss when a enemy team spammed the grenades and planted both them on execution. It was fun having to worry about that on blood drive and gridlock. Lol. It pissed me off but it was a stand off! and you know what? I prefered those stand offs more than the crossing with lancers stalemate sweaty stand offs that you have these days.

Never. I never wanna deal with frag tag camping ever again. That is not fun.

They could fix the Tac/Com thing, but I don’t wanna see that frag tag camping ■■■■ ever again.


I miss execution.

The frag planting was lame.

Get gud bruv

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You would be amazed how many people still get killed by planted ones

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I hate the stupid stale mate crossing with lancers i would take frag tag camping over a cross fest at raven down or blood drive cmon think about how miserable those moments can be ahhh they suck!!! I would like to see something happen to break that meta is all I’m sayin man and I’d rather pick my poison I say frag tag camping on execution > cross fest misery ahhh… anyone got any better ideas to break that meta down a little? Love all the responses though guys cheers.

Ehh the lancers been weakened to a point where everyone’s gotta be team shotting to really down you or just really damn accurate and hit all his shots with the lancer on his own. Even then when you get down it takes like 800 more shots to kill and you’d be reloading by then. What really happens is most people start getting crossed and seeing lancers so they just can’t move too well under pressure cause it’s shots everywhere.

Lancers fine the meta I hate which I’ve said a million times over is this Up A nonsense. Everyone’s trashing OP 5 cause they wanna bounce even faster and only hit one shot up close. No one wants traditional gears battles. Not walking call it what you want but it started with that. Left right strafeis or erratic strafeis and hitting your shots. It’s funny when you really analyze it too like people will just Up A Willy nilly without a care in the world and because it’s such a toss up meaning it could gib from across the galaxy they’ll just keep doing it. I’m not saying it doesn’t take skill, hyper bouncing and getting quick angles to Up A but just as a more classic style player on the outside looking in its just kinda lame. Everyone’s spinning their cameras all crazy playing for these one shots. :sleeping:

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Well said man and glad to hear they addressed the lancer and now they are weaker. Also I agree with you completely and the UP A bouncing and sliding for a one shot becoming too much of an exploitation due to weapon balance on gnasher really bugs me too. They need to make the gnasher weaker and turn things more spongey. If they make things more spongey all across the board I would be okay with the faster fluid mechanics of today’s gears it would be a perfect game to me.

But personally for me this is why I loved gears 2 and the clunky slower pace of it. Sure theres room for improvement there and it could be polished I’m sure but the pace of it and the power weapon spawns and everything the scaling of the maps and the characters and the cover was so tailored for a dramatic gameplay that honestly created battles that were stuck in your head all day long. I don’t get that feeling anymore.

The faster pace kinda watered the game down… as much as people praise 3 I feel it was the beginning of the end. Most noteworthy is the over saturated colors and the gore being dialed down dramatically in gears 3. It did a lot of great things for the combat too like vaulting over cover and stun kicking opponents and chainsaw battles huge welcomed mechanics that helped revolutionize the gameplay for sure but the feel just changed not for the better due to some of those niche things as I mentioned that were adjusted starting from 3.