One thing I hope they add is gears 4 gore

I’m enjoying gears 5 a lot but I noticed the gore isn’t as heavy as gears 4. I know people wanted gears 2 gore and limbs but that didn’t happen. But gears 4 when you got a kill there was blood everywhere but in feats 5 I really don’t see much blood at all. Can we amp up the blood a bit TC.

i miss the gnasher headshots the most. that loud ■■■ pop it made when you busted someones wig off was so satisfying and its not in this game.

Seriously? I’ve actually laughed out loud a few times in Gears 5 because of how loud and gross the sound is when you gib someone. Sounds like what I imagine a watermelon hitting a windshield at 100 miles an hour would sound like.


There’s as much blood in 5 as there was 4, it’s just more realistic and darker rather than bright red jelly.