One thing about gears 5 that bugs me!

Ok so who in there right mind would put stupid blood spray in gears 5 and for that matter sell the bs in the store …Does anyone but me just wana see regular blood not some ■■■■■■■ state ot decay blood spray or forza wtf??? We want REGULAR blood like in gow 1 2 and 3. But more of it give us the option to turn blood sprays off and blood omen on the screen most of us want the old one from gow 1 2 3 etc…rant over heres 150 iron so you can buy a blood spray and nothin cool.

Na, just you mate, most of us want less gears stuff in gears cause, well, jus cause :rofl:

Personally I think it’s funny how a game advertises other games to us, like “go play forza” cuz gears ain’t worth playing, is that the message? Its what I see

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I think you need a hobby if you stay on a game you wont less of …

Well they’re both Microsoft exclusives and run by Microsoft and profited on by Microsoft.

I think the store may be run by TC but is mostly headed by Microsoft and they have a huge influence on all this cross advertisement Rockstar terminator stuff.

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Sorry, i meant play OUR other games ofc :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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To be fair. If you play state of decay. It would be neat to have a gnasher and lancer.