One small complaint I have that I wish TC would go back on

One thing I would LOVE for TC to change/revert back… is the sound of headshots. I know this sounds very nitpicky, but the sound of cracking domes in previous Gears (of War) games was one of the reasons I got hooked. Hearing that sound after bricking someone with a shotgun was extremely satisfying. The headshot sound we have now just doesn’t give off the same feeling. In fact, sometimes I don’t even know if I got the headshot or not because the sound of a gib and headshot sound nearly identical. Hearing that loud POP! of my teammates head right next to me as his head explodes from a sniper was always an “Oh ■■■■” moment. In Gears 5, the sound is almost silent, that I don’t even know when it happens anymore. The only weapon that has the OG headshot pop is the dropshot,

This is in no way a priority adjustment, but just something I hope they consider.

Anyone else agree, or does this just seem nutty?


I do agree, And i know allot of people that pointed this out to me. Especially on the release of Gears 5.


Prob dialed it back just incase there were too many delicate snowflakes mixed in with that bunch of new players they were aiming for.


Yeah I don’t half miss that pop. Don’t bother with the sniper much now as it’s just not as satisfying.

I also really miss the little detail that always made headshots fun :
Serans magically have 2 skulls! The one that goes pop and the one that flies out afterwards to roll around on the floor.
I miss all those skulls on the floor. :sob: :slightly_frowning_face: :skull: :skull: :skull:

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I dont think they dialed it back. The just greatly dramatized every other sound effect so now it just sounds like a moshpit.

Although I agree with that statement, if you take the headshot sound from any other Gears game alone and compare it with the sound we have in Gears 5, Gears 5, without a doubt, is not as satisfying. IMO

No you’re right. I care more for the sniper headshot. That used to be a scary, loud, surprising sound.


Yeah! If someone’s head was blown off by a sniper, you could hear that crack halfway across the map. It sounded SO good, too!


Bro, playing with a headset that stuff was intense. Especially in creepy maps like mansion and fuel depot.


I’d agree that the headshot sound in previous Gears of War games seemed to sound better & more satisfying then in Gears 5.

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It’s not just the headshot, but even with gib shots. In older gears games there was more oomph with a little crunch when the body explodes and when the pieces land. You could hear the impact, and sometimes almost feel it. Obviously not literally, but something about it created a stronger connection/response from the action.

With gears 5 gib shots, it sounds slushier/splashy along with less weight behind it in comparison.

Other than some of gore related sfx, I think they did a great job with other sound fx/design aspects in gears 5 though.


As someone who loves sniping, this was one of the first things I noticed and disliked about Gears 5. It’s a lot less satisfying to get headshots with the current SFX imho


Couldn’t agree more

Agreed. Throw in the g2 animation as well. The way the skull blew apart was the best. Love that pop!


You could hear it across the entire map at full volume which was just ridiculous if you ask me. I actually prefer the new sound, finding it more satisfying than the old sound which just was excessively loud and imo not really great. Or maybe it was just so ridiculously loud in Gears 4 that it got annoying…(and no, turning off every other sound effect isn’t an option)

Meanwhile I find the headshot sound in Gears 5 to be more satisfying. Subtle, but noticeable, still giving the impression you landed a shot that took the head of an enemy apart. And it doesn’t sound like someone set off a bomb in someone’s skull right next to you when the headshot happened across the map.

I do think the “gib” sound isn’t great. It’s almost like something falling into water, to me. And the fact that for some reason weapons like the EMBAR and Boltok will tear a body to pieces on a headshot instead of, you know, just taking the head off, also not great, putting aside that I find heads disappearing almost entirely after a headshot to be kinda unrealistic. Would it be a nasty mess, especially if it was hit by a sniper rifle? Absolutely. But I doubt there would be no neck and head left on the body with just a few bits and pieces lying here and there. Sure haven’t seen even a 50 BMG rifle(it would be the closest to a Longshot, that I know of anyway) do that to a watermelon… unless my memory’s taking a dump on me, and those are apparently fairly close to what a human body is like.

Boom baby

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What kind of round we talking here? Penetrating(no, not that kind) or explosive? I’m not really that knowledgeable on guns so I don’t know if 50 cal rifles even have explosive ammunition(relative to the scale, of course - I’m not talking mortars or high explosive tank rounds), though.

But I think my point on the pistol headshots still stands. I seriously doubt those can completely obliterate a head into tiny pieces.

Pass, but any 50bmg round is pretty much gona do that to a watermelon tho you’re right, the dmg done is very round dependant

A few magnum rounds could pos do similar, some really pack a punch from what vids I’ve seen, some pistols fire rifle rounds but alas snub pops? Na

Still, it’s a game, a gore game, an were mostly sick twisted individuals

Up the gore game I say :grin:


Boltok, I mean magnum :hugs:

I want bodies getting shot at to look more realistic(EMBARs and other weapons just reducing a body to pieces, kinda meh… and why is there big chunks when something gets hit by an explosive? As far as I know they usually don’t do that to a body). That’s really about it. Couldn’t care less about any amount of blood, organs or whatever they show. Just want things to not blow apart at the slightest thing. No way a Boltok’s gonna rip a body to pieces if it’s not some squishy Juvie.

Not gona be trying that on my body :rofl::rofl: