One shotted Guardian... w/Brawler

This is arguably my best individual, organic (not planned), accomplishment in Gears 5! Might not mean much to others, but it definitely did for me, lol.

Scenario: 3 out of 5 players are dead, and 4th player is down.
Enemies: Elite Drone, Guardian, Kestrel, Mulcher & Boomshot Scions



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Lol nice! Just being able to hit one is an accomplishment in itself. I remember being able to tackle a Sentinel on the Split once, but had to stunlock it with multiple hits. I imagine the daily modifiers helped a lot here but that was definitely funny to watch.

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Well done. Nice use of smokes, don’t see that too often.


Was about to say this. Smokes are utterly underrated.

@SeeLogisticz great job :clap:


Yeah, I’m obsessed with smokes when playing Brawler. Helps tremendously when needing to tackle in tough situations.

I didn’t even know that Boomshot Scion was coming up the stairs until after I threw that smoke. That smoke saved me from dying, lol.


Fun class brawler been levelling it up of late