One Shot One Kill Montage

Hey Everyone :slight_smile: I spent a while on the editing for this one and would appreciate any feedback. I am still trying to work hard on improving my content on youtube, so any feedback you guys can provide at all for me is welcome.

I am already aware our skill levels are no super amazing, which is why I am playing with the editing to try and make it more fun to watch in other ways:

If there was anyone I would take advice from about making montages it would be @WD_Hawkeye


I hate you. <3

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I love larger maps :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe a montage video was not the best example of our content to ask for feedback on, we normally stick to more normal gameplay content and this montage was just a bit of a video editing experiment as I am very new to doing this.

This is more a normal video that might be easier to give feedback on: