One Shot One Kill Has Become 2 Shots One Kill

Alright, I dont get what people thought was gonna change in this… I see this, in my own opinion, as 2 shots to get the down to get the kill. It has become trash. Some teams purposely go for double downing. Wtf is that? I know the down time was reduced but maybe it should be reduced alittle more to where they dont have time to get ready and reload for you to get up. Meatshielding should be taken out. Headshots, triple downing, & curb stomping should be the only ways to get kills. Just my opinion.
Side Note: It would be a great edition to the game if they added an infinite ammo clip to the longshots so we dont all have to wait for ammo when we run out.

Infinite ammo and headshots only. That would interest me


Yeah that would be freaking great! But you know thats too much for them -_-
Classic only

It may be a bit too much work for the small team still devoted to 4 while the bulk remain working on 5 and deservedly so. That being said, infinite ammo and headshots only would be awesome.

I say No…or we go back to “Judgment”. Quick ammunition pickup means no interception possibilities because you will not take any risks when touching the ground; Infinite ammunition means camping. Focusing on certain types of interactions would be more adequate, such as on dodge movements (eg, the small side step of the bots that dodge the boomer rockets) and faster, on movements during the grounding more fast (example crawl faster as “PUBG” that I managed to make in horde, via a “glitch” or a “bug” of relief on “reconquest” with Reyna “skin color”) and of course, If the damage are well balanced, the duels will be also in theory especially if one realizes that a single man against 5 campers is mission impossible at the moment. Again this right-middle is complicated.

Headshots only, infinite ammo, no blood drive


They already camp too much and when I runnout of ammo then I just become a target for campers. Infinite ammo would be amazing. Id just run up and ■■■■ their camping up with my blindfires

Infinite ammo, headshots only, no blood drive,
no meatshields or curbstomps, windflare lightnings on every map activated every 5 seconds and disable wall bouncing (like Gears 1). :rofl:

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