One shot gnasher downs in Gears 5? is it a thing?

As of recently i have finally made the transition from Gears of War 4 to 5. Its been tough but I’m starting to become acclimated to the differing game. I definitely prefer 4 but am starting to warm up a touch to 5 as i adjust my play style to what seems more fitting. Anyways, are one shot downs a thing in Gears 5 with the gnasher? It seems to happen sometimes to me. Whats interesting is it will read out as an assist from a supporting enemy, yet ill have no damage on me (and i wasn’t hit at the same time from two shots). Just curious what others experiences are.

Example, as you can see im fully healed before im hit with his downing shot. Did the server interpret me as still being damaged, but my screen showed my as being healed? not sure… maybe a dev can chime in what happened.

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You can barely see it, but you’re still slightly red. I talk about what this is called in the thread I posted, “gimmick 1 shot”. Lag compensation probably played a part as well. You had to be 1% hurt and he hit perfectly.

Thats what i was trying to break down when looking at the video. Scrubbing through the frames im not seeing or am struggling to see any damage remaining. Not to mention the damage readout says his shot hit for 82%. If i was damaged still im definitely not seeing 18% from my perspective.

I appreciate the reply none the less and you are right, it likely has something to do with lag comp and the visual delay in the game.

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I paused at :16 and you can see the outline of the omen still.

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