One Satisfying Game on The Barracks as Architect

Played a game on the Barracks when it was daily with a random who was Striker.

And happy to report - Striker was a good and smart player.

We didn’t have any problems in our run. I didn’t realize how good Architect’s flank card is. I picked up a gnasher from act 1 and enjoyed popping enemies with it in act 2 while my decoy was distracting the enemies.

We went to the right safe room and the first encounter had a Salvo Scion and 2 buzzkills with 3 drones.
Salvo came in handy in the next section when Warden and Ice Scions spawned. I rushed forward, activated my ult, blasted enemies with the Salvo ( thus extending the duration of my ult) and then finished them up with a gnasher.
Oh, those juicy pops :laughing:

In the final room we used longshots and Striker bled some bosses.

It was by far one of the most satisfying games I’ve had in a long time with a random.


Not the same, but ill share my story of the day… (so far)

Master horde on command.

Engy left wave 3/4, new one joined about wave 8, on wave 12 we got the maitriarch .

Destroyed everything when last enemy alive and our engy spent 20/30k power repairing it all for it to get destroyed right away.:man_shrugging:

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Oh no :see_no_evil:

What was going through engie’s mind I wonder

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Shoulda brought a Combat Medic instead

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Architect is incredibly underrated yes, especially in Escape. That flanking card can output some serious damage which I noticed in my solo runs. “The Hunters” is a very good example. In the right hands, all Promos can be pretty decent characters if not devastating. E.g. on “The Gatekeepers” you can sort of “stunlock” the Snatcher with Striker. It’s not really stunned but you can’t get killed by it during the Ult with Striker since you constantly get Stim.

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