One of the biggest problems with Guardian being in social only

Lol, You mean they didn’t fix the bots as leader issue before demoting it to quickplay?
Jeez TC. Is asking for any level of competency or forethought just too much?

The game feels more and more like a bug list somehow got stuck on the whiteboard that says goals.

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If he’s so @ll_R_E_D_l
Why isn’t he using the Kaio-ken? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Here you go, from the critically acclaimed Malaysian dub

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I have no idea what is going on

bruh I told u that u should watch dbz…even if ur not an anime fan…grown a55 men still tune in to watch db super ■■■■ is that real

Anybody who watches DBZ will grow up because the characters spend a total of 45 years powering up and yelling.


Ur not wrong there lol yooo especially the first time he went super saiyan shiit was like 3 episodes :joy:

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They always look like they’re constipated and are struggling to unload.

That’s just their frustration with guardian being ousted from ranked :smile:

I HATE JINN… :unamused:
Why is the leader always Marcus (GoW4) or Jinn (G5)!? :thinking: