ONE new idea :)

why not add a song playlist thats connected to spotify or something so u can focus on the game more


I would but ^^

Here’s ONE idea. Stop with the terrible ideas.


Now there’s a good idea

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Why not add Kronk as a playable character? he’s muscular enough to fit in the gears universe


Man would I love horde or Escape if during the fights we had some b4dass Power Metal playing in the background :weary:

Now THIS is pure genious.
10/10 would play. Perfect sense.
TC , take note.

What’s a kronk


It doesn’t belong in gears

Gears characters ONLY in gears

Take grace, connor, rev9 etc into the woods and shoot them

Then find EVERYBODY involved in making them happen, ALL the ppl that made it possible, from the top brass to the 3d modlers who shoulda set fire to their workstations and jump out the window b4 making that shiiiiiii etc and take em all to the woods…

You know


Couldn’t agree more but I guess if the cross marketing made TC money which they hopefully reinvest into Gears I guess I’m okay with it. Super cheez tho.

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You…do know that spotify on xbox can play during your games right…?

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Yep ik, btw they are expressions and not emotes

I give this thread a D plus


So you want a playlist of songs (random or gears inspired?) to play in the background while your playing a ranked match and you think that will improve peoples concentration?


I mean , TC is so slow creating new models , I actually accept even guest characters (as long as they are not balance-breaking , 5 stacked Terminator teams I’m looking at you).
Also , Kat B-320 is love.
Screw all the rest , I just love Kat.
Kat > Kait

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I mean

Who am I to deny true love

Amazing idea! Let’s add kronk into gears 5