One more thing for Gears 4?

Everyone does not like the “Gears 5” so stop overhyping it. There is so much people, the original Gears fans, playing Gears 4 since they saw how the Gears 5 was. My opinion is that Gears 5 Campaing is good but not worth paying $80.

So for the people that still plays Gears 4, we want to see 1. Every blacksteel character for sale without removing them. 2. Discount for Aaron Griffin. 3. Season 8 which gives you change forever to get the diamond skin for EVERY gun. 4. And bring back other characters, emblems and skins for sale.

Coalition would get extra money for this! It would be fair since the game have been about rng from the beginning. And also becouse everyone doesnt like the Gears 5. -Thanks