One more day of black friday

Tuesday should be the last day with all, all black steel, from 1 to 10, but all as a last offer for those who did not have the opportunity to buy it on time, but only 12 hours and not 24 hours …
I would like to buy Anthony Carmine Black Steel and that day I did not have the money but now I do.

I thought there was 2 days left. It started Friday and goes for 5 days.


yes, but I did not buy anthony, I did not have the money

It started on Thursday.

I bought Clayton on Thursday and Raam/Anthony on Friday.


i know, but i did dont have money

I was referring to @Me0wMix_CatFood as he thought it started Friday.

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i sorry

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All good, just letting you know. :grin:

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I’m so hoping Reyna and Anya will come up today.please

Anya’s already been and gone. Think she was on the 2nd day - so last Friday?

Reyna will be today. She’s one of the 8 remaining characters who hasn’t appeared yet. Today will be:

V-Day Marcus
Classic Baird
V-Day Medic
Swarm Drone
Locust Grenadier Elite

Also as a general message to everyone, this Black Friday event won’t be the only opportunity to buy these BS skins.

I say that purely because:

(1) TC made the effort to create these packs in the first place, plus the additional in store animated icons. It would be a waste if it was just for this one off.

(2) TC have said that these packs are priced with a 30% discount. Given this is the very first time we have ever had single BS characters available to purchase, this is the first time we’ve even had a price for it at all. So this indicates that TC have now decided on a standard RRP which they intend to use for these single card purchases, and this sale just presents a discounted price based on the RRP. Basically what I’m saying is, this indicates that these skins will be back in the future but at a standard RRP.


I can’t believe I missed Anya.:disappointed:Well maybe next time…Was in the Hospital with my mom