One more chance to Gilder Raam

Hello pals, i really need to do this petition. Im sure imnot the only one who cant complete the Gilded Raam season.

Firs for the limited time of my work and secon for the troubles in the sistem when start the challenge. I play campain and never up the red bar.

PLEASE A NEW SEASON PLEASE maybe only a Weeken PLEASE for the plas jojo

Nope. Sorry. You Lose! TC gave us plenty of time to get the challenge finished.


To be completely blunt, everyone had 80 days to do this. That’s nearly 3 months - nearly a quarter of a year.

Most of us have various commitments and things that keep us busy - jobs, studying, family, holidays etc.

If this skin meant that much then you should have made the time and effort. I myself work full time. I have a normal social life where I’m out an average of 3 evenings (sometimes more) per week, and I easily got the challenges done for both my main account and my secondary account.

The servers were working fine and I don’t see any reason why anyone could not have gotten this fairly easily if they made the time. Afterall the requirements for the challenges were broad and you could achieve the necessary Reups and XP in any mode you wanted.

Quite simply, we can’t all be winners. This was a challenge reward, not a free giveaway.


The description said it was the only way to get him at launch. So im betting a few months after he will be like griffin or youll get another chance


They said it was the only way to have RAAM at launch. When he shows up, he probably won’t be Gilded.

(creepy stalker takes notes)