One last request before you finalize gears 5... please fix these major gears 4 concerns for us!

Gears 5 is looking great! With these new ideas we can get a picture of what may be revealed as time goes on; and I just hope it’s this:

For ‘Quitter’s’ leaving, the current MVP, gets their respawn time reduced to half, then the next player w/the higher score for next quitter, and so on. If only 2 people on team then their responds are instant. (general idea) Or/& have an option to also vote someone in which again the MVP, would have to make the decision, then next and so on, while their respawn automatically cuts in half upon a ‘quitter’, being the automatic coarse of action, if the other is not chosen. (additional) PS: maybe the MVP will always have reduced respawn, but the ability to invite someone based on 1 quit, could go to him also, or the next highest scored person instead.

For people who have multiple accounts to try to cheat the ranking system, you have/utilize the already existing boot camp, in gears 5, to assist in proper assessments and profile identity, and requirements. And If not then maybe have the ability to vote yes to start the match of visible players including potential opponents or have them choose to remove/switch over the players that haven’t to their team instead… this might need work; so yes discuss this if you have any ideas.

Really Good Job TC, looks perfect otherwise :slight_smile: Really Proud of what you ‘brought to the table’ w/this new escalation mode; good job, like really.
Oh yeah one last thing, when I aim at my team mate along with the other 3 options shown in gears 3, let us have an option to move around the teammate w/out actually moving him but being the one that’s moving. ( an animation )