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One huge let down

This game was soo good a few weeks ago, a tad faster then the earlier games but tastefully done. I still dont like 6 shots in the gnasher…why change the staple? But that was doable but now its utter trash with a community of dikheads and keyboard warriors. Shots dont count for ■■■■, hitbox has changed, unnecessary movement update and devs saying the game is not complete. Everything that is wrong with gaming nowadays all wrapped into a ■■■■■■ little package. This game was one of the few games that required a level of skill to actually play and it was rough on those who couldnt get the hang of it but that was the great part, you had to try and now its just the same as the rest. Good job ya filthy casuals and a weak boned Dev you made this game some mainstream garbage. Enjoy it.

P.S to those who will reply with something stupid to say, just know…you’re wrong and I don’t care. again youre wrong. thanks sweetie

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Attacking the community isn’t a good way to start your OP.


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