One game from every console you own

If you had to pick one game from every console you own what would it be?

Castlevania symphony of the night

Ratchet and clank going comando

Ultimate spiderman

Ninja gaiden 2

Mortal kombat 11

Devil may cry 5 special edition

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I tend to give away old consoles that I no longer use so don’t have much of a collection, I do the same with PC’s so have included a couple of consoles my wife owns.

Xbox 360:
Gears of War 2

Dragon Quest 11 S

Xbox one:

Series X:
Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Path of Exile (really struggled with what to put here, wasn’t sure if there was any generational limit or if I could put multiple PC games or wasn’t supposed to have this category at all)

Your PlayStation 1 pick is god-tier. I presume you would have played Bloodstained (new Iga made similar game) and some of the old GBA games like Aria of Sorrow(, if not, may be worth looking into.

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I had a gamecube and a ps4 but i hated the GameCube controller and gave my ps4 to my dad.

But i guess my ps4 pick would be
Batman arkham knight

And sure you can pick multiple pc games as long as there’s 6 or so years between haha

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When I saw ninja giaden 2 I knew this was a worthy post game was just so good beat it on master ninja now I might go back to it again