One Final Update for Gears Of War UE

Hello guys,

I’m writing today to scream an SOS to the coalition team to do a one last and final update for Gears Of War UE.
I perfectly know that thread is a message in a bottle lost at sea… But Hope is wonderful thing right ?

This final update would include two things :

  1. A Xbox one X enhancement in 4K (bye aliasing)
  2. A.I. bots for online and Offline Play for once and for all. This game deserves to stay alive.
    Don’t tell me that is impossible to program it with the old engine, this guy named “Extinct Society” on YouTube found a way to implement bots into Original GOW PC MP. (Hire him ! I don’t know)
    Have a look :

I am a Gears 1 fan since its release in 2006, I guess That I’m not the only one who wants to continue to play this very special game.

What do you think guys ?
Have a nice day to you all :wink:


I would love off line play/bots . I jump on every couple of weeks or so for some games. Nearly always find tdm BUT only tdm, not KOTH :frowning: and only on USA servers and times really.

Such a waste of a great mp experience.


Yes indeed such a waste…
I am living in EU I can’t find any servers
Only in US East by night, that is why Bots are ideal for players like us and to get our locked achievements.


Luckily I have 1000/1000 but I would still play, I play Gears 3 KOTH almost daily as I love it deeply and have only Seriously to unlock, but I’m fine with it remaining locked.

Actually 3 weeks ago I got the dreaded reset, lost everything :frowning: luckily had a save file on my 360! That I uploaded to the cloud. but it was still a panic. I had been reset before, although several years ago.

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It also needs a fix on win 10, it’s broken as hell


Been wanting a custom game browser since it was first released. I think that would go much further than having bots imo. Also adding the game to steam would be a nice addition as well.


You are right about Custom games, that is truly missing.
We should have both, custom games and bots.
It have to come together !

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Dude yeah, if they added bots, I’d be on there more. Its the best Gears game this gen, only Gears game worth getting the 1000.

I don’t care if the bots are dumb, just being able to play it again would be nice


Seems we got the same feeling,
I miss so much the atmosphere, the maps…

If I remember well, the devs said that It wasn’t possible With this engine. And then I saw the work of “Extinct Society” dude. That young man did it working perfectly with the kill log active, scoring working. It gave me hope.

I just want to come back on Mausoleum, garden, mansion…


God the sound of the old Longshot is nostalgia.

Exactly right though, I love Gears 1 and its atmosphere is still untouched. Being able to play the maps, the characters, it would be nice. That’s one thing I’ve always wished over the years, even back during the 360.

Bots might be annoying but they make sure a game isn’t completely dead.

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Somehow, I am glad to know that I’m not the only one who have wished AI Bots in MP since November 2006.
I remember how I was disappointed back in the day.
When GoW UE been announced, I really hoped that it was finally THE chance to play with AI knowing that will be able to play the game forever.
When UE came out, I felt far more than disappointment. A beautiful opportunity missed.

But There is a last one :

If an amateur modder did it, The Coalition can do it, they have to do it. For the love of gaming, for the love of their gamers.

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Yeah… To bring bots in GoW UE, is the best way !
I would be happy to return on this game in this case !


UE died a harsh death and GOW5 is soon to follow… TC will probably not touch UE ever again.


I would rather play UE. They should let Gears 5 die and fix their old games,

Gears UE on Xbox and pc.
Gears 4 story related achievements for some people who played on the PC and their promised flaming weapon update

Today I finished gears tactics and I was so bored. They should concentrate on 3rd person and get their things in line.

I remember when Square Enix did one leaderboard reset for kane and lynch 8-9 years later. They said it’s not that easy (alot of work and money) but the community wanted it.
And here…Of course we don’t even talk about the judgment event.


Gears UE was a great game and still is, i just wish they had an execution/guardian/wingman playlist and a 4k update already

Would love to see a gears 2 remake too

Gears 5 is just awful

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I wish they’d fix the performance issues with UE on PC that was created by a UWP update years ago.


April 2018, still waiting for a fix.

And April 2020 had a windows update that doesn’t even let PC users run the game. I messaged TC about it but never even got a response.


At least, The community has been listened and that’s a nice touch from SE.

let me host customs that are searchable and any region can join, with crossplay on.


Just a weird thing, do you know where I can get my hands on a copy of GoW for pc? I’m not spending 40 dollars on the boxed version and instead you knew the location of said files to archive it

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