One card for each character that is a must for you

With all the combinations of cards to use it can be pretty fun to experiment with. Some are to have fun and some are to handle business. For each character, what is that ONE card that’s a must have no matter what? It can only be one for each, so choose wisely.

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I’ll start off with the very obvious one: Paduk and markza mastery.

Healing Repairs for Baird, because repairing is so last year :roll_eyes:

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My list.

Kait- Laceration
Del- Efficient Fabrication
JD- Razor Hail
Marcus- Rifle Feedback
Fahz- Explosive Critical Hit
Jack- Healing Reach
Keegan- Shredder
Lahni- Shock Shield
Mac- Barrier Feedback
Cog Gear- Helpful Headshots
Baird- Global Overclock
Clayton- Bait Armor
Cole- Inner Fire
Paduk- Markza Mastery

Kait - Laceration
JD - Razor Hail
Keegan - Off Brand Razor Hail
Marcus - Rifle Feedback
Mac - His bleed card whatever it’s called
Fahz - Ambush

Everyone else I can’t decide, I don’t even think that I should - their cards are obligatory combos - like Lahni’s Thrill of the hunt + Venom blade OR they are refreshingly diverse and configurable (like Clayton).

I almost never run Markza Mastery. I run a pure execution build and I think it’s far superior, and far more fun that a sniper build.

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Kait - Laceration
Lahni (Escape) - Venom Blade (Horde) - Short Range Reflection
Mac - Bloody Shot
COG Gear - Helpful Headshots
Emile - Bloody Blade
Baird - Global Overclock
Lizzie - Cold Finish
Clayton - Reflect Shredder

Pure numbers wise there may be more efficient cards, I view it as must have for lore reasons.

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Ok this is weird lol. I was in work yesterday morning going over the cards I use and don’t use because with the pandemic I have alot of time to think about this stuff lol. Any way I said to myself ill start a thread on what one card everyone has to have their build but when I came home I was too tired so didn’t do it. Now im home from work today about to do it and its already been done lol.

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Here is my list, by the way, the cards that I’m going to mention is beyond doubt the best cards for each class especially when playing solo. And I can’t stress this enough guys you MUST pick these cards.

Here we go…

Kait - epic score boost
Del - epic score boost
JD - epic score boost
Marcus - epic score boost
Fahz - epic score boost
Jack - epic score boost
Keegan - epic score boost
Lahni - epic score boost
Mac - epic score boost
Cog Gear - epic score boost
Baird - epic score boost
Clayton - epic score boost
Cole - epic score boost
Paduk - epic score boost
Emile - epic score boost
Connor - epic score boost
Kat - epic score boost
Grace - epic score boost


What about Lizzie?


Epic score boost :wink:


TC agrees.

That’s why they tend to drop every run!


Ironically, the cards I seem to have the most trouble getting are score boosts. My epic score boost is my only level 4 Kait card. The rest are 6’s and some 5’s.


Lmao bro

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I mean as a guy running for time in Escape, this is literally my suggestion without any possible irony behind it.