Once you think you have seen it all

In a horde match I asked a soldier what build he was running his answer ---- Marcus. I said ah that’s a character are you running grenade or a rifle build answer again I am running the Marcus build I just gave up and left — this was on insane.

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He was obviously trolling you

You weren’t there and no he was serious even the sniper was like dude come on.

The real question is…was it an Old Marcus, V-Day Marcus or Classic Marcus build :laughing:


Right lol I was you are joking and he said no peace out then I said

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He was serious and sober as far as I could tell into wave 6 then I just was curious which one because I was running grenade build.

I think it’s the second one.
If someone asks me what Heavy Build I’m playing, I’ll say.
“Mushroom Cloud Build.” :laughing:
What Sniper Build you playing?
“Deadeye Build”.
“Paduk Build”.

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Not sure that’s enough to warrant you quitting out but then again I wasn’t there. Next time just ask “what cards are you running on your class?” Like Kait Daiz 1 said, some of these players’ elevators don’t go to the top floor.

I’m sorry, you quit out of a Horde match because the Soldier said something weird? Is that right?


Could be language barrier also. They may feel the world “build” translates to something about their character. What level/re-up?

There was a lot more going on but since you just had to butt in he was picking up power, our heavy was afk for 2 waves and the scout died 3 times. Plus why stay with someone that doesn’t even know what class they picked?

To be fair, i have been playing horde since the game came out and i never once heard someone ask me “what build i am running”

Kinda odd though let’s say your the engineer wouldn’t you want to know if your heavy is running the turret cards or if anyone has a strike built into their build? Plus if the other soldier was running grenades and had the left side I could take the right to maximize our damage to them and cut them off on both sides.

Oh god that was a good laugh

What would solve that is being able to use some kind of text chat like in-game, but rather during matchmaking/lobby screen.
Then it would be easier to communicate with entire lobby, which builds or setups.
But no, can only text chat in-game during gameplay or have to send Xbox live message…
Even Fortnite lets players communicate with text chat, before going into gameplay… TC could learn something here.