Once again... why have i been losing 6 in a row? (ignore the post. it's silly and i regret it lol. my bad for being all whiny :P)

i dont understand why this happens more frequently then any other games i play. this only happens in gears where i find myself playing with teams who either quit or mess around. this is all in rank matches. this is not the first time ive been on a losing streak like this. i have made this complaint before. i was told this was just a stroke of bad luck. if that is the case, explain why these losing streaks happen more frequently than any other game. this is not an accident. why are you punishing me?

inb4: Find a team, Team up, Look for a group, Add good players, thats what you get with solo play, why did you make this thread, “K”.


Because that’s how it sometimes works. Just because you lost 5 in a row doesn’t mean that you will win your next game. What happened in your previous game(s) is irrelevant. No-one is entitled to win a game regardless of how many times they’ve lost.


Ever hear of a “bad streak”?


If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been on a loosing streak for the last two years.:smirk:


Hey dude it happens… I mean try not to take it to heart. It matters not who won or lost but how you play the game… so… get some good teammates :joy:. Good being a.k.a not me :face_vomiting:

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Damn you and your intelligence and understanding. :+1: :wink:

I probably replied to previous threads you may have created. I’m in the same boat mate, I’m sure my record losing streak on Gears 5 is around 11 on Control. I have never lost that many on the trot on any other Gears!

In fact towards the end of last season in 18 matches I only recorded 3 or 4 wins. While I played trash in some of those matches , I do not feel I was the worst player nor did my place on the scorecard suggest this on all the games.

As our friend @Bleeding_Pepper suggests, it is what it is albeit almost unbelievably frustrating. Hopefully you will hit a “purple patch” soon.:+1:

Lastly, I was pretty good at CTF last season, winning many games…I have played 4 games albeit ranked so far, no wins and shockingly bad stats!

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this post was a spur in the moment. this week has been bad and admittedly my original post is pretty ridiculous. I appreciate the reply though, dude, my bad everyone. sorry for the whiny post. hope you folks understand.


If you can’t have a moan here, than where else :+1::facepunch:
Have a good day with mucho wins coming your way . :wink:

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you’re right, dude. my post is absurd. i jumped the gun on this one. i apologize for the whiny post. im sure it had people rolling their eyes at it which this post does warrant.

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honeslty fam this scoreboard has really shed light to how bad randoms are in solo Q.

ive seen someone go 8-23 in control w/ 8k damage.

just adapt to what you got fam. it is what it is.


Play for fun. Try to win. If not, it’s okay, you’ll win eventually. A lot of variables involved. Don’t sweat it. If you’re not having fun, back off from the game. This game gets old fast for me and I start realizing I’m more frustrated than anything else.


Which game mode?

Bro we don’t always have to team and sweat our ■■■■■ off … I love playing solo but lately especially on control I don’t have player on the same level… everyone on my team has no clue on how to capture rings and control power weapons… I’ve seen players spawn next the boomshot and run away from it I’m tired of this…. It seems line in competitive they just match you up with anybody where as back then you would actually get good skilled players in your team… this game is broken and will remain broken until another company takes over because the coaltion doesn’t do anything about it

The absolute worst streak I went on was on gears 4. I went two weeks straight playing at a minimum 10+ games a day where in every single game I played I had a dude quit. I went from High Onyx 2 to almost a gold 1 because I couldn’t win. It got so bad that when a guy quit I reported them and messaged them that they got reported. It was so bad I just stopped playing and hid in the cornor as soon as a I saw someone quit. it really took the enjoyment out of the game.

You’re lucky it’s just 6 in a row,I lose a lot more in a row than that!



Flip a coin 10 times and it comes up heads, what’s the percentage chance of it coming up tails next coin flip?

It’s still 50/50.

Just because you’ve lost 6 in a row doesn’t mean the chances of winning the next one are any different to the first one.

First games this week, 3 x control (I want to play ctf but no one plays it seems) and 3 losses. I’m king of losing streaks at least with Gears 5.

I must be toss at Gears 3 and 4 as I don’t often go on losing streaks :joy:

That will do for a bit :hushed: :confused: