Once again please way to kick player in horde mode

it is getting harder and harder to play Horde mode, besides duplicating characters, there are the guys who come in to mess up or do nothing and earn XP and now it’s got worse, in the custom lobby we can’t kick players (if I’m going to play in Master mode and specific to the lobby description is a certain level, it enters players at low levels and they get in the way, so it takes even longer to start the game … sorry but it’s true if I’m going to play in Master mode, I need players who want and know what to do, so I am doing a personalized lobby to play the 50 waves), in relation to inactive players in the game or those who come in to mess it up, it is becoming more and more common, I honestly don’t know where to report it, please help out. It is not fair after a few waves and after having almost or ready the base, then entering one with double or no character, messing up the game or doing nothing. I understand that they do not want to let players kick at the discretion of the host of the match, but what they could do would be to facilitate a way of denouncing in the game this kind of attitude and a way to be able to kick the player even if it is by team vote.