On your marks, get set, gone

So Ive been using the trash can mark recently and decided i would like a change so i was scrolling through them to pick another one and got to the bottom .

There was 2 that weren’t unlocked, locust symboll from tour and EYES.

EYES is craftable, strange this is i already had this 1 as i used it previous to using trash can. Yes its only 40 scrap but why has this happened???

Can anybody the reads this check yours and report back? Cheers
is this another bug from tu3?

Lol I saw this title and thought it was a clever reference to players leaving the game.



i use the poo mark lol


The mark thats a pair of eyes :eyes:, i already had it but its gone but i can craft it. Not a big deal as its 40 scrap to craft (have 22k scrap ), just wondered if its happened to anybody else.

Maybe some ppl have lost skins or other stuff.

Could be a bigger problem than just a stupid mark being removed from content thats already been unlocked …

my Cheer-Emote disapeared

There are so many loser whingers on here I don’t blame you.

Im no whinger and i certainly aint a loser, im only reporting a bug to the community that i found, you really think i care about some mark been missing when its only 40 scrap to craft.
i have 22k scrap so its no big deal to me.
Maybe you are missing something but you dont realise it as i dont go through all my skins and other non essential crap like marks and bloodsprays to check that they are all there every time i play the game.

Also please keep your insulting commets to yourself, they dont help anyone.
Funny you call people LOSER and WHINGER but is that not what you’re doing by making such comments???

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To be clear. I wasn’t addressing you as one. It was the guy who misread your post as possibly being one. I was saying I don’t blame him for mistaking that cause of the forums bad reputation. Your post is fine.

All good my friend👍

Insulting ppl still dont help though

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