On the verge of quitting Ranked all together

Until 1 of 2 things happens.

  1. They FINALLY get it through their thick fkn skulls to stop allowing stacked squads to face solos

  2. FFA becomes Ranked… the ONLY game I can play that’s fair and it’s not even fkn Ranked STILL


You do realise this is TC you’re talking about?

You almost sound surprised…


Player base it too small now to keep stacks against stacks. That decision would make waiting times longer which leads to several problems.

I wonder if you recognise this scenario: going up against a stack with low tier randoms, one quits in the first round and at the end of the game the stack starts bragging about an easy win.

Im also a solo player and to be honest i don’t want to waste time trying to put stacks with stacks anymore, just give me people that will hold the controller until the end of a match.


Surprised? I wouldn’t “be on the verge” if I was surprised, Being sick of dealing with this BS for months is more appropriate for being on the verge.

@lukebazz91 screw your wait for others to participate I’ll do this then, anyways… I rather wait 30 minutes for a FAIR game than 6 or 7 games in a ROW against clear and obvious different stacks, as has been the case the last week straight.

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I’d prefer if there was a solo queue but like Bazz said, the population is probably too small to support it. I vaguely remember them having matchmaking place stacked teams against eachother but a lot of people complained because the search times were too long. Though that could of been gears 4.

You forgot to mention the little thing about bringing back guardian as well :smiley:

And Bring Back Guardian!



Divide the ranks

Have a stack ranking that only gets effected when in a grp of 3 or more and a solo rank that only moves when ya play all by yourself

Then combine scores for overall rank, that way ppl who only play in stacks will only be able to reach half way up, forcing them to walk their solo path if they really wana reach high rank AND promoting team play in a team based game for those who jus refuse to make friends and care about ranking high

It will also shine a glaring light on those carried by their teams to the top, separating the men from the boys


Yeah, stacks seem way more prevalent in OP3 then they ever were in OP2 as a solo. When I stack in OP3, I seem to face solos as well. Seems like they messed with matchmaking and didn’t mention it.


Stacks should wait for a game. If you’re stacking, you’re asking for a competitive match, so you should wait and get one.

It makes no sense to make stacks face solos in ranked if the goal is to create a competitive environment. Yes, a team of solos can beat a stack, but if the stack is competent (and a good number of them are) 9/10 the stack is going to win and you’re going to be out of a ton of skill points.


Sarcasm :unamused:.

On the other hand not all stacks are sweaty competitive teams. I play 2v2 qued with my girl and shes silver at best.

You may be willing to wait 30 minutes for a ‘fairer’ game but not everyone would. Youre dooming anyone who plays with friends to extra long wait times. Game would die off so quickly and instead of seeing ‘rank is rubbish threads’ id see a lot of ‘game is dead threads’.

Its a just a video game with an arbitrary rank system which TC themselves admit isnt fun currently. Its being re worked, theyve changed it around in the past month twice just based on feedback. I think people are being too hard on them at this point. If you dont enjoy it, dont play it and wait for the update.

You also realize that in any game ever, stacks have an advantage? I solo que in apex but a three stack with mics are going to have an advantage.

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See 2v2 is an exception idc about 1 way or another, it’s only thing me and my roommate can play together when he plays anyway, besides social Gridiron.

But besides the point, it doesn’t bother me even when I play solo if I’m facing a 2 man TEAM. Lose plenty of those, but win plenty too, whether I got a decent teammate or not.

It’s 3+ that becomes an issue. And of course I realize stacks have the advantage, that’s the problem, I play solo 95% of the time.

And also in other games, they have separate ques for squads and solos… Gears and TC are so crap they don’t have the population to do so… some AAA title they are :rofl:

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TC can enforce better matchmaking once they learn to swallow their ego and admit Gears 5 will never be able to support more than 3 ranked modes at a time.

If we’re being totally honest, 2 ranked modes per season would probably be best.


Using Apex again, one of the biggest battle royale games out and wether you solo or stack the matchmaking puts you in the same games - its taken them years to now just release a solo mode. Ranked is still 3 man cells despite having both the funding and population to do so. To be honest its quite standard practice.

Regardless - there is a much simplier option,

Find friends and stack up yourself. Utilize the forums, reddit, discord, LFG, streams and various other sites where gearheads gather to make friends and form your own dominating squad.

I play solo too but i dont dont condem people for stacking up. You know this is the case before going into that match, its on you for searching solo if you lose to a stack. Play quickplay where the loss doesnt matter if rank bothers you.

If the player base was big then that would be a good thing to do and a thing i would want. At this point it would make wait times longer, leading to more and more people stopping playing the game.

They have an advantage but stacks can be fun to play against as long as everyone bothers to play, hence why i believe idlers and quitters are a bigger issue.

With the small amount of people playing everyone needs to make a sacrifice.

  1. Hate playing stacks so play something else, social, horde etc
  2. Realise it might be a scenario you are put in and you are willing to try to beat them.

I’ve left pvp and will be making a video on it.


They need to show ranks in ranked game modes how many x do i gota ask for this its a no brainer so the game wont feel like quickplay

As much as i agree with you on the stacks vs solos, it ain’t going to happen. They tried it for a bit at the end 4’s life span and a large percentage of people that played as stacks complained as they now struggled to find matches. The implementation of this didn’t last long and the 5 stacks were back to beating up on solo’s.

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Gears 4 also had several billion ranked modes when it should have had all of 3.

Reduce the amount of ranked modes, and the population problem will disappear. We don’t need a cornucopia of the damn things; that’s what social is for.

I agree. If i had it my way for “ranked” modes id have KOTH, Guardian and Escalation 1.0 (GOW 4 edition).